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Pre-Order Your Raw Chocolate Truffles

Complete deprivation only works for so long. Today we are surrounded by healthier alternatives to all the junky foods we used to love. This desert is quite lovely and guilt free. Why guilt free? Well, THERE’S NO SUGAR here! Rest assured though that these truffles have plenty of good stuff in them.. and actually every [...] Continue reading

The Halloween Fairy: Your New Best Friend

We'd dressed our daughter up in the standard, adorable, ladybug costume, taken millions of photos, paraded her happily around the neighborhood, and felt so proud of ourselves every time she squeaked out the words "thank you" in her tiny little two-year-old voice. But, it was upon returning home with our little girl clutching her pumpkin bucket [...] Continue reading

Join Us for a private screening of FED UP!

Our friends Dr. Taylor, Dr. Strickland and the Buda Dental team has invited our office and clients to join them in viewing a private screening of “Fed Up”, a documentary investigating how the American food industry may be responsible for more sickness than previously realized. Did you know??? Health professionals project this will be the […]

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