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With the Metabolomics, advanced Organic Acids Test we can pinpoint what functions are stressed in your body.

Welcome to the next level of functional medicine testing! The Spotlight Functional Tests are an investigation of optimal health, rather than simply a discovery of disease - though it can be used for both. 

These advanced organic acid tests (OAT) help our clients that have chronic illness, unknown and confusing symptoms, and those that are immunocompromised. The Metabolomics OAT test helps us to clearly see what functional systems are strained and, better yet, what can be done to improve the situation! Once we can see the exact deficiencies we can optimize function for disease prevention and longevity by targeted supplementation, which saves you time and money.

When organic acid levels fall below the optimal range, the body's ability to carry out essential functions becomes compromised, and when they rise too high, it may for example lead to metabolic acidosis (headache, fatigue, bone loss, endocrine disorders, etc). Both situations can shut down important metabolic and detox pathways the body's health relies on. When these important functions are compromised, tissue nutrition goes down and/or toxins build up. Simply put, this comprehensive metabolic profiling tool helps us to uncover your unique metabolic signature and gives targeted solutions to the cause, correction, and prevention of disease. 

With this test we can determine the health and overall functionality of each of the following systems:

  • Energy Metabolism
  • B-Vitamins
  • CNS-Neurotransmitters/Hormones
  • Toxic Impacts
  • Digestion & Microbial Metabolites

The test will give us clarity on which direction to go in terms of what specific nutrients are needed and what should be addressed first. The goal is to increase the function of each compromised system in a methodical way and to resolve symptoms by getting to the root deficiency indicated by the test. 

If you are either struggling with maintaining your health and vitality or you want to peer into the future and focus on prevention, this test is for you! Call us at 512-523-5711 or order your test kit today!

You have peaceful LIVING to do. Investing in your brain's health pays dividends. Be proud of your life.

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