NeuroFit Coaching & Mindset Trianing

The brain is constantly changing, shaped and reshaped with every single thought that you have. Think negatively and your brain reinforces that tendency, but think of the lessons in every “negative” experience and your brain wires itself in a completely different way.

However, of course this is easier said than done. Our brain is actually wired in a way that it has an affinity to the negative. Yes, your brain is actually constantly looking for potential negative things to happen. This is actually how our brain keeps us safe and is the reason that humans have survived as long as we have! Being on the lookout of all things negative keeps us safe, and it is deeply embedded into our subconscious brain. But our brains were made in a time that no longer exists. Meaning that we no longer live with the continuous survival threats that were part of our daily lives for millennia… but as smart as our brains are, they don’t know that! So, either sub-consciously or combined with conscious awareness of the fact, modern day humans tend to feel that we are still living in constant threat. Of course, this has served us since the beginning but no longer serves us, and by not helping our brain’s to evolve out of this primal-reptilian state, we cannot be at our best.

The Coaching program is offered for those clients that want more. It is designed for those that want to empower their conscious minds at the same time as their subconscious mind in order to gain quicker results. It is woven into your normal sessions and doesn’t take any extra time at our offices. We will give you assignments and exercises to complete on your own.

We begin with effective goal setting, helping you to find out what your goals are for the next week, month and year. Then we hone into those goals and continue with a process that clarifies those goals, inspires you to fulfill them and gives you practical framework to accomplish them.

The program is done at your own pace (with some encouragement if needed) and goes into the following topics:

  • Goals
  • Mindset
  • Beliefs
  • Habits
  • Emotions
  • Motivation
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses

When you align the 5% of your conscious brain with the 95% of your subconscious brain, permanent results come quickly.

After working with us, many of our clients report unsurpassed mental clarity and focus, reduction or elimination of medications, and feelings of calmness, contentedness, and self-confidence. It is quite common for our clients to start taking actions in their lives after delaying and floundering for months or years on a decision.

Given the right information, your mind can transform itself now!

Each program is customized to each individual client. We take care in working with you in this process.

Let us help you quicken your results!