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Living in constant stress, anxiety, or depression

kills the authentic YOU.

Real Gains Start in the Mind.

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Are you looking for a higher quality of life?

Neurofeedback helps you take control of your mental-emotional state so that you feel more alive and embody a deeper sense of well-being.

We are living in unprecedented and difficult times. 21% of American adults and 17% of children in the U.S. experience some form of mental illness each year.

Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, or other mental-emotional struggles can be frustrating or outright agonizing and debilitating.

Control Emotions

Take Control of Your Mental-Emotional State and Savor the Precious Moments of Life.

Deepen Inner Peace

Subdue the mental chatter that keeps you irritable or anxious.

Enhance Mood

Find yourself surprised by your increased self confidence and disposition.

Improve Mental Function

Focus when you need to focus, relax when you’re ready to relax.

Stress, overwhelm, and trauma can take a toll on our mental health but this does not make you a weak person! You are navigating life to the best of your abilities. And everyone of us needs a little help sometimes.

You don’t have to stay stuck or suffer, and you don’t have to keep adding or switching medications. Brain training helps you unlock your potential and find your footing again because your brain knows how to balance itself. Our holistic neurofeedback system uses cutting edge brainwave technology that tones your nervous system and helps your brain respond more appropriately to the moment.

We have been helping people like you for over 15 years to find relief from a mind that just won’t cooperate. You can feel better and you don’t have to settle.

Download "A REAL Health Revolution" ebook and find out 12 simple strategies to start regaining your health now!

Inside you'll find how to master your mental outlook and create emotional resilience through tactics and strategies for the nervous system, the brain, and the body. You will also find simple health-facts and health-hacks to bring greater ease into your life!


Katie Reid

Buda, Texas

Headway Health [has] been a really wonderful addition to our health regimen. We go weekly for neurofeedback and have noticed significant improvement in my daughter's ability to focus, which was the primary reason we started. It is easy to make appointments, they treat her with kindness, and she looks forward to going each week. This has been the easiest addition for us with the biggest return on investment.

Grace Allen

Buda, Texas

I did 12 bio feedback sessions and always left feeling so relaxed and ready for my day. My anxiety levels significantly dropped after the sessions! I highly recommend giving bio feedback a shot if you’re struggling with anxiety or depression! Certainly helped me!

A. Tate

Austin, Texas

After receiving Neuro Feedback from Headway, I understood why they have such good reviews. Things were explained to me thoroughly and the staff are super kind and enthusiastic about the power of Neuro Feedback using Neuro Optimal. I felt a shift almost immediately. I have found that is has helped me in many ways concerning my mental health (and even physical which I did not expect). Highly recommend Headway Health.

How It Works

Your potential is almost limitless when your mental-emotional state is resilient!

Book an appointment

Just click “free consult” or “Initial NFB session” and we will send you an appointment confirmation and tracking forms.

Come in and get cozy

After a brief intake you get to relax in a zero gravity chair during the half hour neurofeedback session. This is your time to surrender and daydream while you enjoy the spirited musical journey and your brain “dances” with the neurofeedback technology.

Feel an ease wash over you

Most people feel more relaxed for the entire day after experiencing just one session. Results compound with each session thereafter.

Your brain is doing the best that it can. Even though you may not want to believe it, all throughout your life your brain has adapted to your needs perfectly.

The micro and macro traumas that you have experienced changed you and they are part of who you are today. Your brain changed and rewired itself each time that the circumstances required it. Those neural changes were important at the time and strongly seared new wiring into place. However, now - for real and positive change to take place the nervous system has to learn to live in the reality of the present and only then can the trauma imprints be overridden.

You have peaceful LIVING to do. Investing in your brain's health pays dividends. Be proud of your life.

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