Massage in Buda

Cathy Jenray
Licensed Massage Therapist

I provide a holistic approach to "Relaxation" massage by adding a dimension of connectivity and integrated solutions.  I specialize in clinical and orthopedic massage which incorporates a wide variety of massage treatment techniques such as deep tissue massage.  My approach to pain and injuries may include a system of treatments enabling me to choose the most effective techniques for your muscular tension and discomfort.  

The goal of treatments is to find the cause of your pain and then provide solutions that will help heal your body long term.  After the massage, I educate you on the source and cause of your pain and provide you with at-home care, stretching, exercises, application of heat or cold and self massage techniques to continually improve your condition.  

I specialize in helping clients with a variety of conditions:
Back pain - neck and shoulder pain - carpal tunnel - joint problems - post surgical restrictions - fibromyalgia - migraines - T.M.J.

Schedule a consultation or an appointment by TEXTING Cathy at 512-731-1696

Maggie Hoover
Licensed Massage Therapist

I was born a native Texan and always had an interest in helping people, although at first I wasn't sure what that would entail.
I've always been an artist, but over the years I became more involved and experienced in the health and wellness communities. Through that experience, I began discovering my path. I found myself wanting to learn more about nutrition, and how it plays such an important role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 
My journey into herbal medicine began by studying at The Wildflower Herbal Botanical School in Austin, Texas. I fell in love with getting back to my roots! From there, I wanted to learn more about the body, so I began studying massage therapy and body work.
Now, I feel so connected with body work, and I recognize how special each individual's healing journey is. I chose to specialize in Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and Myofascial Release. Both are therapies that focus on healing the body and keep it functioning more efficiently.
I am on a continual search to expand my knowledge about the different functional systems of the body, and to incorporate different techniques to encourage the body to feel at ease. 

Schedule a consultation or an appointment by contacting Maggie at 214-929-6097