Detox: Natural Medicine’s “Magic Bullet”

Detoxification is a core pillar that is important to address in any health challenge including weight loss. Cleansing will reduce inflammation in your body and allow deep healing to take place. 

Additionally, if we are looking for optimal health, or even good health, there really is no substitution for it. Cleansing is a very natural process. Every animal does it and prior to the last 100 years, pretty much every person (other than emperors and nobility) did it, although not necessarily by choice. During natural times of famine our body's release toxic burdens and naturally reset. Cleansing is more important today than it ever has been seeing that we are surrounded by so many toxins and we no longer go through those periods of famine and natural detoxification.

Believe it or not, there are more chemicals in the average cupboard now than existed in most laboratories in 1940. These are things that most of us are intentionally ingesting on a regular basis. But even if you eat really well, they lurk in practically every place you want to be. Alcohol, preservatives, chemical skin care products, household cleaners, hormone disrupting fragrances are burdens on the body and very often our body's don't have the resources to expel them. Believe it or not stress, relationship woes, and emotions like anger, also add to our overall toxic burden. When the burden overruns the liver’s ability to detoxify these compounds, we start to suffer.

Watch this video I made a few years ago to learn more about why you want to detox regularly, what the detox is going to do, and how the 7 day process works. For your convenience I put time stamps in the video's description so you can watch the specific topics you want to know most about. 

So, will you join us? 

If you’re needing an upgrade, I encourage you to do this. It is only seven days, which makes it really do-able. I will be sending you recipes and sign you up to my online program as well as inviting you to our private Facebook group.  I’ll be with you throughout the process if you have any questions or concerns.

Though short, this program is very effective in helping your body go into a deep liver detox and eliminate all that accumulated cellular debris, giving your body what amounts to a reset!

Most people that go through this protocol report feeling that they have:

  • Better mental clarity
  • More energy
  • Clearer skin
  • Less aches and pains, 
  • Better digestion
  • Often people will loose 2-6 pounds or more! (Fat cells typically surround toxins in the body and once the toxin is eliminated the fat cell is no longer necessary.)

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