How to Establish a Daily Rhythm

Daily rhythms (or rituals if you prefer) are very powerful ways of creating structure in your life. Remember that freedom thrives within structure.

Rhythms, or frequencies, are part of everything that exists (ex. heart beat, breath, day/ night, seasons, fertility, etc). You can create your own frequent (frequency) habit in order to manipulate and influence your physical reality.

A good set of daily practices, especially when started first thing in the morning, give you a powerful launching pad that helps to set the projection for the rest of your day. Mornings are powerful and you’ll be surprised how a simple habit can affect you!

The mornings and evenings for most people are the times of the day that we have the most control over, and therefor are the times that we should focus on.

The truth is, if we don’t intentionally set habits that bring peace, clarity, and vitality to our day then we naturally adapt habits to fill these times that do not serve us very well... in other words you either choose your habits or your habits choose you. An example of a habit that a lot of people have that does not serve them is waking up and checking email (which starts your day in a reaction mode - reacting to other people’s agendas for you), reading/listening to the news (and emotionally reacting to things that are outside of your circle of influence), and eating a quick breakfast before running out the door. If you’re into the above mentioned values of peace, clarity and vitality - these do not help you accomplish those goals.

Choosing the habits that lift you up out of bed and set you on the right track are hands down the best way to pick yourself up out of a rut or fine tune your perfect day.

Below are a some examples of “mini-habits” that you can start plugging into your daily rhythm. Your challenge is to start with three of these habits (or make up your own) and stick to them every day. Your brain will be rewarded with little hits of dopamine and serotonin, which will positively influence your mood, leading to a better outlook and better choices while improving your overall quality of life.

Note that you don’t necessarily have to do the same things every day, although you can. If you prefer, you can be flexible with yourself and leave some freedom to choose what exactly you do, as long as its a healthy habit. For example, on Monday and Tuesday you can read a few pages of a self improvement or poetry book and then on Wednesday and Thursday you swap that out for a guided meditation and listening to inspirational music or a motivational video on YouTube. The point is to CHARGE YOURSELF UP, so remember this key purpose when deciding what to do! See the lists below for some ideas, and stick to it in order to make your rhythm and create your frequency.

  • Hydrate by drinking a full glass of water (bonus points for adding a fresh squeezed wedge of lemon
  • Drink a cup of herbal tea
  • Step outside and take 5 deep breaths of air
  • Open up that non-fiction book you’ve been meaning to get to and read a few pages
  • Go for a walk, jog, swim, stretch, ride a bike, or do some type of yoga or other exercise
  • Listen to a motivational speaker or compilation on YouTube
  • Write a letter to someone you care about
  • Plant something or weed you garden
  • Color a mandala

  • Play music
  • Listen to a TED Talk on a subject that inspires you
  • Journal

  • Meditate (guided or non-guided)
  • Listen to inspiring music

  • Make a healthy smoothie or fresh low glycemic juice

These are just some ideas to get you started. What are your three morning habits... will you accomplish them every day this week?