Real Time Neurofeedback

At the beginning of the year we purchased a NeurOptimal machine. Working with Brainwave Optimization was thrilling, but it was time to upgrade to a totally different realm of neurofeedback. After consulting with a dozen other colleagues in the field, an additional dozen practitioners that use NeurOptimal, and after doing tons of my own research it became obvious not only that it was time to make the switch, but that the new technology HAD to be this one.

In fact, because of the increased interest and results we've seen just in the last eight months, we added a second NeurOptimal system in August!

What's so different about this neurofeedback technology? Well, it works in a completely different paradigm and truly is in a class of its own. NeurOptimal gives your brain & nervous system relevant information about itself so that it can release even long held patterns causing anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, etc. Brain training helps your brain see what it is doing so that it can make the necessary changes.

Your brain and nervous system are intimately tuned into your environment and when your environment changes your brain is aware of it. Think about it in the following two ways:

Internal Environmental Change

When your body experiences a trauma such as an abrasion, the brain is immediately aware of the situation and in no time the immune system has been alerted and white blood cells are on their way to the area. The brain is also always monitoring changes in blood sugar, hormone levels, neurotransmitters, and tons of other processes so that changes can be made immediately.

External Environmental Change

Your brain and nervous system are always on the lookout for changing variables in the external world, constantly asking itself “is it safe here?”. If the answer is “no” then you may feel anxious or nervous.

NeurOptimal is a technology that allows the brain to see itself in real time. When this relevant, real-time information is given to the brain - the brain adjusts itself as it sees fit. Think about a band that can’t hear themselves play a concert… It could be disastrous if there are no speakers pointing towards the musicians since that is the way they know whether or not they are in tune and in sync. If they are out of tune, it allows them to make changes. Can you imagine tuning a guitar without hearing it?

This brain training technology essentially works the same way. When the brain “sees” how it is functioning and what the nervous system is doing, it is able to make adjustments. For example, when it is able to see the old "programs" that are running in the background, it can change or even delete them.

Brain training really is a workout for the brain. Although you are just relaxing in a zero gravity chair listening to great music, your brain is actually working out. Training the brain to let go of these (often) long-held programs is one of the most effective ways to positively and exponentially enhance your quality of life. The process is completely non-invasive and holistic, and fits seamlessly into your life.. typically, all it takes is a lunch hour a week for 10-12 weeks to reach your goals, and only one or two sessions to get an idea of what it can do for you.

After just one or two sessions many of our clients report improvements in their sleep, greater self confidence, and that they feel calmer and more poised. Try out a session today!