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Soothing Sore Throat & Immune System Support

This is a great thing to have in the medicine cabinet or in your pocket if you are suffering from a sore throat but still have to talk! It tastes great and enhances your immune system while also soothing a sore throat. This herbal formula is great for kids too!

*Regular Price : $21 on sale now for 25% off>> only $15.75 until December 31st.

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Prevent the post holiday blues or enhance your ability to cope with extra stress this holiday season. For only $99 you can set up TWO appointments and check out for yourself what benefits come with an acupuncture/dynamic neurofeedback session. As an extra Holiday Bonus we are also giving away one of the following with this deal:

  • one 2 oz Tonic Herb extract
  • one 2 oz Immune Booster herbal extract
  • or one of our handmade (small batch) Herbal Hand Salve (limited supply)

Valid through December 21st!

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