NeuroFitness Process

Our process is very user friendly and works on the subconscious coding that your brain functions on. Do you think that your brain is functioning at its best? Or do you think that there is room for improvement? The most successful CEOs in the world know that they aren’t necessarily the smartest person in the room and make it a point to improve themselves both consciously and subconsciously on a daily basis. What do you do to improve your subconscious mind? Make no mistake, the subconscious brain is the one in control and when you give the subconscious the best tools to optimize itself, it will! And of course when the subconscious brain is strengthened and toned, it becomes more resilient to day-to-day stresses. The process of optimizing your brain is painless and actually one of the most enjoyable things you can do.


The initial consult and session combined only take about an hour and a half. During this session we will talk about what you seek to gain from working with us. We will also talk about the areas of your life that you are currently struggling with and if we both feel that it is a good fit, we will recommend a number of sessions and determine the frequency that you should commit to (typically between one and three sessions per week, but usually only one). You are welcome to pay per session or prepay for discounted package rates. If we feel that some of our other services would be beneficial to your healing we will share our recommendations on this with you as well. *Note that this consultation can be as in-depth as you like. If you would like to open up and tell us everything, we will be able to offer more customized support and tools such as acupuncture, herbal recommendations, NeuroFit mentoring, etc. However, we also work with people that want nothing more than to come and enjoy the benefits of standalone NeurOptimal sessions. Either way, we are happy to serve the style you desire and provide only the services that you prefer.


After the consultation, it is time to just sit back and relax in our zero gravity chair. Let the world go for a little while! We will affix two small sensors to your scalp and a few references to your ears. You will be listening to music with earbuds during each session so feel free to use ours or bring your own.


Each session is just over a half-hour, during which time you can meditate, day dream, gaze through the window into the wooded courtyard or even drift off to sleep (the subconscious brain training works whether you are awake or not)… naps on NeurOptimal are the best naps by the way.


The process of brain training is exactly that, a process. We recommend committing to weekly sessions so that you can get the most from your NeuroFitness program. Think about these brain training sessions as you would think about building a muscle. You wouldn’t expect to sporadically go to the gym and have any noticeable results would you? When you decide to train your brain, you will get the best results by coming in weekly for 10 – 20 weeks. Make no mistake, as you kick back and relax during your session your brain is working out rather diligently. We will work with those that are just interested in the occasional session for stress relief. However, we are deeply rooted in preventative medicine and wellness and we really enjoy working with people committed to achieving a more optimized life. If you take advantage of training regularly, in just a short time you will notice great payoffs.


After every 10 sessions we will re-evaluate your progress with a new questionnaire and brief consultation. The new questionnaires are compared with the previous and we will mark your progress. Because our system is considered a “non-linear and dynamical” system (which is the same type of system as your brain FYI), we do not chart your brainwaves for the purpose of getting them to specific levels. Our system works with the central nervous system and we evaluate your progress on the intensity, frequency, and duration, of your top concerns as well as the goals that you have for training.

We use a holistic and completely non-invasive technology so there really is nothing to worry about at all. There really are no negative effects of any kind since your brain is choosing how it needs to function and is never forced to create a certain prescription of brainwave patterns.