Headway Health Testimonials

Sometimes our inner skeptic will prevent us from embracing something that can be truly helpful.   Being skeptical in this day is a very good thing. But being overly skeptical just prevents us from experiencing the fullness that life has to offer. The testimonials on this page are here for the healthy skeptic as well as for those of you that relish in the value of holistic approaches and power of the human mind and body to do what it was designed to do... HEAL!

Neurofeedback Testimonials

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Improved Mental Outlook and Reduced Stress

Michael is absolutely wonderful! He is knowledgeable, compassionate and a true healer. This was my first experience with neurofeedback and I love it! I also highly recommend the neurofeedback/acupuncture combo. Wow!

Lee D.

Fear, Anger, Focus and Poor Sleep

Throughout my life I have struggled with a degree, which has varied extremely, of emotional “unwellness.” I have sought out help for these challenges, trying to keep an open mind to holistic approaches, medicinal approaches, physical activity, nutrition, acupuncture, massage, support groups, therapy and finally, NeurOptimal therapy. Some of my challenges have been reactivity, impulsivity, addiction, distracting, living inside my head and outside of the truth, fear, PTSD, restlessness, sleeplessness, extreme pms and poor self care. Needless to say these challenges have often made it difficult to achieve emotional stability and have affected my personal relationships, particularly in my adulthood. I have seen a great amount of positive change in my life over the years as a result of staying diligent in “getting better.” On some level every attempt through every different avenue I have taken to remedy some of these things has given me a measure of relief, some more than others. At some point it was made clear to me that my brain was reacting and going down pathways it had traveled for years, and as a result causing me some troubles. I felt powerless to some of my thoughts and behaviors. I sincerely wanted to handle situations with grace, patience and understanding. After having a rough emotional day(s) and that affecting myself and others I would often have remorse and guilt and question why I would go to certain places and certain behaviors. NeurOptimal brain training and coaching was recommended to me several months ago. And although I had no idea what is was about and what it would do I remained willing and opened to suggestions. I am very pleased with my experience thus far with Michael and NeurOptimal. I have seen a considerable shift over the months of working with him. My concentration has been much better. I am able to read more, finish tasks and projects that I would have once not completed. I no longer take certain medications that were prescribed to me for mood stabilization and I feel very happy about that from a personal belief standpoint. I have gone from reacting to everything, sometimes with anger and/or fear, to responding to things after pausing before doing anything else. This is probably the biggest change I have seen and its had the greatest positive impact on my relationships. I am also sleeping much better which makes it easier to practice self-care. I started incorporating meditation into my life a couple of years ago and since doing this brain training the meditation has become easier to do and I can sit for longer than before. I have also been able to identify more quickly when my mind is in a delusional trance and/or when I am hormonally challenged and take affirmative action to treat those things with care. The beauty of NeurOptimal training is that I don’t have to do much besides show up, sit down and relax while listening to some wonderful meditation tunes. I have left each session with Michael feeling better than when I came in. Besides the brain work that has enhanced my life, working with Michael has also done so. He spends time talking to me about what we are doing, the changes I have seen and just ordinary life stuff. I thought I would give the NeurOptimal training a try and now I consider the sessions an integral part of my self-care plan.

Shanna G.

The Best Hack Yet

Dave Asprey is one of the leaders in the field of "biohacking", a study and discipline that seeks to optimize one's performance by upgrading the physical and mental environment. Dave's company hosts the Bulletproof Conference featuring the top technologies available for reaching potential. NeurOptimal is the only system that takes the honor of being featured at the conference each year.

Dave Asprey
Biohacker & Host of Bulletproof Radio

Happier and More at Peace

I really can’t help myself; I want to let all my friends know about this opportunity because, as far as I can tell, the time is ripe for so many of us to leave the past behind and create new pathways of ease and joy in our lives, in so many different ways. I love Michael's approach: it’s such a direct and core level way to naturally heal and expand ourselves. I feel happier and more at peace then I can ever remember feeling, especially for a long period of time. It’s truly wonderful.

Laurel Emrys

PTSD and High Anxiety

Neurofeedback has been a miracle for my son. He suffers from PTSD and high anxiety. He now is able to do things on his own, without fear. He is able to read and retain what he has read. His tantrums are fewer and farther between. He is happier and less angry. I love the effect it’s had on him and will tell all my friends about it. My daughter is doing the training too. It is helping her with anxiety and being socially able to be around people. It’s just amazing!

T. F.

Mental Health and Memory

I have received 10 brain training sessions and without a doubt, can say that it's made a positive difference in my daily life. I sleep more restfully, short-term memory has improved... It's easier to remember names and where I put my keys, for example. When I read, I remember more of the story, so my concentraion has improved as well.

This is a fantastic tool for increasing my mental health. I highly recommend it and plan to continue receiving training. Michael is a pleasure to work with. Thank you, Michael. :)

Licensed Professional Counselor Lakeway, Texas

Workaholic Tendencies

The Brain Training was very relaxing. It has helped me most by reducing my workaholic tendencies. Instead of overextending myself to do things that really are not important, I am able to focus on what is in front of me and what really needs to be handled. I’m going at a slower, healthier, less stressful pace. I’m more present and able to make better decisions as well as take time to smell the flowers. Thanks, Michael!”

Emily S.

I had struggled sporadically for many years with PTSD and anxiety before I reached out to Michael at Headway Health. Feelings of impending doom and isolation in my own head would bubble up until I would have a panic attack. These attacks would go as quickly as they came, and I would tell myself that I was strong and could mitigate them without help, but over the years their frequency and intensity grew until one episode left me pretty shaken for days. I had to do something. I found Michael through a personal referral and called him immediately. To my pleasant surprise, he took almost 20 minutes to patiently listen to me on my intake call. Even through the phone, it was easy to tell his demeanor and energy was calm, soothing and healing. I signed up for NeuroOptimal neuro feedback with him and began noticing immediate results. For the last few years a simple image or sound was a possible trigger for my anxiety but through the treatment, I was given the tools to process things in a healthier and more stable way. I completed my treatment and it has been a few months since the last one. I am extremely happy to say that I have not had an attack/episode and I feel confident in my ability to deal with any curveballs that life throws at me in a healthier, more rational way and not fall into a downward spiral. My time with Michael was such a positive, uplifting experience and I recommend him and his services wholeheartedly. With much gratitude... -Michael Finn

Michael Finn

I Love how I can literally feel my brain adjust during the sessions...

Not only do I trust Michael with my health, the brain training sessions are fantastic! I love how I can literally feel my brain adjust during the sessions, and feel calmer after each one. They are relaxing and go by fast! The acupuncture helps expedite healing and is a great addition to the sessions. I look forward to it every time! Lastly, his knowledge of herbs, medicine, you name it has helped tremendously with the process, as well.

Ashley V.
Elementary Teacher Austin, Texas

Made a HUGE difference in 4 sessions

Headway Health and Michael Meuth are great. We are really impressed with the benefits of the neurofeedback. Our son was having some issues with over-anxiety, and some compulsive behaviours, e.g., washing hands many times per day. Made a HUGE difference in 4 sessions. Now it's not a noticeable problem! After seeing it firsthand, I'm convinced this form of mind-training is extremely valuable, and Michael is an experienced and caring practitioner.

Nic R.
Software Engineer (Austin, Texas)

Acupuncture Tesimonials

Flu / Pleurisy

Just writing to let you know all my flu/pleurisy symptoms are already, just 48 hours later, pretty much gone! Pain, 99% gone; shortness of breath, 99% gone. Although it may have been acupuncture induced endorphins, I was already feeling remarkably better just from the time it took me to walk out your office door until the time I reached my car in the parking lot! I would highly recommend your services to anyone.


More Energy, Happy Outlook, and Weight loss!

Michael guided me through a 21-day cleanse. I had been a non-believer and tried it because I saw a family member's "glow" while she was doing it, and WOW! Not only was Michael there for me every step of the way, he has continued to send me useful information. I feel the best I've ever felt - more energy, happy outlook, and the weight loss was a terrific bonus.

Joanne P.

Weight Loss & Food Cravings

After six weeks on a nutrition program I realized that I was not having food cravings, I had lost 14 pounds, and my bowel movements had returned to normal. Additionally, my energy is up and even my mobility is better.

Margaret L.

Improved Mental Outlook and Reduced Stress

Michael is absolutely wonderful! He is knowledgeable, compassionate and a true healer. This was my first experience with neurofeedback and I love it! I also highly recommend the neurofeedback/acupuncture combo. Wow!

Lee D.

Colitis and Pain

If your medical doctor is not solving all your issues, go see Michael. I was diagnosed with colitis, but after three or four months of taking medication and still experiencing pain nearly every day, I set up an acupuncture appointment out of sheer desperation. Now four months later, I rarely have any flare-ups, I am feeling 100% better physically and emotionally. Michael helped me change my attitude about my health and most importantly my diet. He taught me exercises to aid digestion which help immensely. Right now thanks to Michael, my goals are to reduce my medications and eventually with my doctor’s supervision, eliminate my medications completely. Michael’s acupuncture treatments and holistic advice gave me my old life back. Thanks Michael!

Jennifer M.


I went to Michael because of migraines. I haven’t had a migraine since. Michael is a caring individual that takes time to listen and help with the symptoms that you are experiencing. I highly recommend Headway Health!

Lori M.

Overcoming Fear and Sadness

Now, things are fantastic! I feel calm, balanced and not as afraid of the unknown. I am able to use tools I learned here to say “no, no, no” to any distorted thoughts that try to sneak in (lately that has been none). My eating habits are better, I feel I have more energy and it is like having the sense that I am allowed to try anything. I am not afraid – or sad – I feel good. Staying with the acupuncture and changing my thought patterns supported me through it.

Susan W.

Chronic Pain

I highly recommend this place. Michael can provide drug- free alternatives for health and chronic pain. He is very knowledgeable in holistic alternatives, a great listener and really cares about your health concerns. Lots of good works going on at this place and very affordable.

Brandi Duncan

Weight Loss and Increased Energy

I now have incredible energy, a more calm approach to life, little to no sweet tooth, and I have also started to lose weight. It is amazing all the changes I have seen since I started my acupuncture treatments with Michael. I am looking forward to continuing this journey with him as we continue to find the balance I need to maintain my best health.

Nicole S.

Sciatic Pain

When I first came to see Michael, I had severe sciatica with tingling and numbness down to my foot making it difficult to walk and sit worsened by low back pain. I was miserable. After seeing Michael for a few weeks of acupuncture and food supplements, the pain virtually subsided. I was thrilled! I was able to get back to my active lifestyle. My thanks and gratitude to you Michael for guidance to my healing.

Dr. Tina B