Bioenergetic Medicine & A New Approach to Health!

Bioenergetic Medicine is a cutting edge service we are offering not only to our local clients, but clients anywhere! REAL healthcare involves a host of modalities and methods including ancient wisdom, modern technology, and current scientific study. We are very impressed with the Bioenergetic System from NES Health because it includes all three aspects! Check out the video below for a brief introduction.

Intrigued?... Want to know what your bodyfield says about you?

The first step is setting up a free consultation. After the consult, if we think you can benefit from Bioenergetic medicine, we can set up a bodyfield scan. The scan is done in our office or alternatively we can ship the equipment to you for you to do at home. After your scan we will describe our findings to you and present some different options for working together towards solutions to your concerns. 

But let's not get ahead of ourselves here! The first step is to set up a consult. You can do that here or just tap the button below!

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