Archived: H1N1 Swine Flu of 2009

Below is a blog post I made in 2009. I am grateful to have found that I saved a copy of this post on my computer because this particular entry as well as the entry I made previous to this one (which was about the adjuvants being added to the H1N1 vaccine) have both disappeared. All of my other blog posts are still on that blogspot site but strangely the ones concerning the H1N1 swine flu vaccine are no longer there. Oh those things that make you go "hmm....." I bring this post to you back from the dead for historical reference. As I was reading through it, following the links that still work, and researching replacements for the links that are now broken, I started to remember the Swine Flu scene of 11 years ago with more detail. It is quite interesting to review some of the anomolies that took place then and some of the similarities to what we see taking place today. Things like the first cases were found next to a biosafety level 3 lab, vaccines being rushed to market, talk of “medical certificates” for travel, issues with the testing accuracy or diagnosing by symptoms alone, and virus patents being filed before the epidemic/pandemic.

I have tried to replace the broken links with new links from different sources but I could not replace them all due to the time it takes to dig for those old sources. I am posting this more as a walk down memory lane and a reference to what was going on in 2009 and how it may or may not relate to today's scene. I've left the broken links in with a strike through and you will find new links at the bottom for further reading if you are interested.

Become an Informed Health Care Consumer
•Important Need-to-Know Information• 
November 5th, 2009                                                                     
By Michael Meuth L.Ac. ACN 

If you haven’t read my last blog post, you should do so here. I wrote about the swine flu vaccine and had some information that many people may not know. Since that post, it has been stated that the adjuvant squalene may not be added to the vaccine. I have been asked by many of my patients about the squalene-free version of this H1N1 vaccine, and so I have done a lot of research on this subject and have presented my findings here for you to make an informed decision. I encourage you to follow up on some of these sources; I am bringing this information to my blog in order to raise awareness and to give you the information and tools you need to make an intelligent decision. Many of these facts don’t make the mainstream media. It is a mission of mine to help people become aware of and overcome habitual reactions to fear. I am an adamant fan of informed consent and that is why I am passionate about sharing this information with you. Information is critical to making good decisions!

Can you imagine someone deceiving you? Have you been deceived by someone you trust? The newest virus that will “likely kill us all” is, of course, upon us. But, haven’t we heard this before? Bird flu, West Nile, SARS, etc. Yet somehow, this one actually does seem different. So what is different about it? Well, it is a virus, it spreads from human to human, and it mutates. This can obviously be potentially dangerous, and the fact that viruses mutate is why flu vaccines aren’t actually accurate (most of the time). It takes time to create mass vaccinations, and by the time they are ready, the dominant strain of flu may have changed to something completely different than the vaccine was made for. 

Update on squalene:

I commented extensively on the adjuvant squalene in my last blog post on this issue. It is unclear whether or not this unlicensed ingredient will be added to U.S. doses. The FDA has not approved it for the United States, however it will be authorized for use in the U.S. if an “Emergency Use Authorization” (EUA) is issued. It is unclear if the EUA that President Obama issued October 23rd will cover its use. Squalene increases immune response (boosts the production of antibodies) and is therefore used to thin the vaccine out in order to make it available to more people. But, its use in the Anthrax vaccine is suspected to be the cause of Guillian Barre syndrome ( and other autoimmune diseases in Gulf war vets. There are many different companies making vaccines. In Germany, it was recently discovered that government officials and the military would be getting Baxter’s adjuvant free vaccines while the rest of the general public will be getting GSK’s version with thimerosal and squalene. 

“President of the German Association of General and Family Medicine, Michael Kochen, has called on German general doctors not to give it to patients. “The risks outweigh the benefits,” he said. 

General facts you need to know:

The pharmaceutical industry has the largest lobbying group in Washington, and they help shape the laws around vaccine regulation and policymaking. How else can they be “immune” to lawsuits relating to vaccination injury? They stand to profit $20-$50 billion a year from flu vaccines. The 2006 PREP act shields vaccine makers from any lawsuit based on vaccine injury, which includes “any associated adjuvants” like thimerisol and squalene. If you get injured due to this vaccine, you will have no recourse.

“The health authorities have succumbed to a campaign by the pharma companies, which simply want to earn money from a supposed threat.” -Chairman of the German Medical Association’s Drug Commission Wolf-Dieter Ludwig

Baxter patented a flu vaccine on August 28, 2008. The vaccine that was patented actually covered these “never-before-seen” flu strains/combinations that we are seeing in the swine flu. This is extremely suspicious! See the patent for yourself here:

Thimerosal is in most all flu vaccines (though you can source some that aren’t). This ingredient is 49% mercury, and the amount in flu vaccines can be up to 25 mcg, which is 250 times the EPA’s safety limit for mercury!There is a lot of evidence on injuries due to this toxic  chemical. 

“Wolfram Hartmann, president of the Association of Paediatricians, accused the government of making false scientific statements. He said children under the age of three should not be given the shots. “The vaccine has not been tested on them, thus the risk is simply too great for it to be used,” he said, adding that children’s immune systems tend to overreact, which could be exacerbated by the adjuvants. He also criticized the use of mercury-containing preservatives.

Baxter is under investigation for allegedly distributing 72 kilograms of the lethal avian flu virus (H5N1) to 18 different countries as part of a seasonal flu vaccine shipment.

"Reassortment" is one of the two ways that pandemic viruses are commonly created. This happens when multiple viruses are combined in a lab, which is actually done on a regular basis. A top scientist for the UN stated that this swine flu has the necessary transmission "vectors" that are needed to create a pandemic. This has led some to wonder if it has been created as a military biological warfare weapon? (The Online Journal Baxter’s facility is a Biosafety Level 3 lab (, which should guard against any possible mix up like this.

Army criminal investigators are looking into missing disease samples from bio-labs at Fort Detrick, which is the same lab anthrax was released from. (Fredrick News Post, April 22

Many scientists have been speaking out about the fact that this vaccine is not the result of natural mutations, commonly referred to as genetic drift. Adrian Gibbs is an Australian researcher who has studied germ evolution for four decades. His work has also led to the development of Tamiflu. By studying the genetic makeup of this virus, he has come to the conclusion that this new strain may have accidentally evolved in eggs that scientist and vaccine makers used to make vaccines.  He states that the rate of mutation of this virus is about three times faster than that of its closest cousin found in pigs and suggests that it evolved separately from the swine.

According to this three month CBS investigative report of all the flu-like illnesses in the United States, only 2% are actually confirmed to be H1N1 related.

Now, for some obvious questions:

Does vaccination even work? With the migration of a flu strain, mutations are part of the life cycle. It is stated in the October 2008 issue of the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine that in two recent flu seasons, vaccinations had no impact on hospitalizations or doctors’ office visits. 

Why is this vaccine being pushed so hard? Laws are being passed and millions of dollars are being spent on marketing these vaccines. But, the vast majority of people who are struck ill from swine flu exhibit symptoms no worse than the regular flu and completely recover.


This is no more deadly than the regular seasonal flu. In fact, it is proving to be less lethal! The southern hemisphere is coming out of their flu season, and it has proven to be no worse than years past…But our  government has already purchased 250 million doses of the swine flu vaccine, or $1.5 billion worth!

All of a sudden, we are now being told that two flu shots are needed for protection. This is recommended not only for the swine flu vaccine but also for the seasonal flu vaccine.  We have never been told we need two shots before, why now?

Why the militarization of medicine? “Project Bioshield Act”, “Executive Order 13375”, and the “2006 Division E - Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act” are all in place to move us into a state of forced vaccinations. What happens to freedom of choice? 

A closer look:

And now, let’s address the fact that the swine flu is suspected of being man made (whether on purpose or accident). Welcome to the dark side…but come on, we’ve seen it before…actually many times. Corporations or “entities” are constantly deceiving us in many, many ways. A few examples: Enron, Digoxin, Bernard Madoff, Greenspan’s Housing Bubble, etc. These are all profit driven, and though they don’t always lead to health issues, we can all agree that the above examples are not pretty, or cheap. Well, this vaccine may very well be another example of a corporation attaining a self-preserving and unstoppable life force of its own, and this is why they are called business “entities”. 

Flu related deaths in the U.S. are estimated at 36,000 each year, but flu is not the usual cause of death in these cases. Secondary infections, such as Staph Aureus and Pneumonia, cause most deaths. (

We’re looking at under 1,200 deaths as of this posting. Almost two-thirds of the children that died from the virus had epilepsy, cerebral palsy, or other neurodevelopment conditions like mental retardation. These conditions are all associated with childhood vitamin D deficiency. ( Of course, if the CDC is no longer tracking the specifics (as mentioned above), how will we know what each death is attributed to?

This swine flue vaccine is “rushed to market”. Fast track processes are being implemented by government regulators in the U.S and Europe. ( Which means that these vaccines are being tested for a fraction of the time that regular vaccines are.

Flu mist is supposed to be a safer alternative due to the absence of thimerosal. However, this is a live virus, and there are concerns of it gaining strength in the schools and infecting others. 

Final Thoughts

If the government is being duped or bought, we have to put an end to it, and we have to make informed decisions about how we choose to medicate our own bodies. We need factual evidence that this is safe and effective. We have evidence of neither. 

Sure, nobody likes to feel bad or have to stay home, but our bodies can effectively fight viruses and other infections. There are exceptions, but healthy people and children should be able to overcome these bugs. In order for our bodies to fight pathogens effectively, we MUST provide the body with the ingredients it needs in order to do this. We do that with a low carbohydrate/processed-food diet, sufficient rest and exercise, daily herbs, and nutrients such as garlic, Echinacea purpurea, holy basil, andrographis, astragalus, medicinal mushrooms, vitamin D (from the sun, cod liver oil, or a supplement), vitamin C complex, calcium lactate, colloidal silver, etc. If you get a bug, continue the above recommendations, sweat (via sauna, bath or diaphoretic herbs), and take thymus (cytosol) and elderberry extracts. There will always be deaths with every illness, and things will occasionally turn sour quickly. But, trust your intuition, and please don’t base your decisions on fear, we do that too much. (Call or email if you need to know what you can do).

I’ve tried to make this blog informative and accurate while keeping it palatable and condensed. There is so much information out there, don’t rely on me as your sole source. Please, do your own research, follow the links, and as always, we must question authority. If we give all of our trust and loyalty to others and do not question the path that we are being led down, then we fail to maintain our sovereignty. It is up to us to stand up and demand to be spoken to as adults. We must demand sufficient research. If we don’t, we loose our dignity and possibly, even worse, our health.

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