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Acupuncture and Oriental medicine

Acupuncture is continuously being more and more recognized as a valuable approach to health care. There are dozens of very well conducted acupuncture studies that show a wide array of benefits related to acupuncture treatment including (but not limited to) improving the hormonal balance in peri-menopausal women, releasing powerful pain killing ENDORPHINSneuromodulators (opioid peptides), stimulating the healing of bones and tissue,  and reducing inflammation. Both the American College of Physicians and the American Pain Society currently recommend acupuncture for the management of chronic or sub-acute low-back pain.

How Does it Work?

Essentially, acupuncture can be described as a way to hack into your nervous system, helping the body heal itself by triggering and directing the body’s attention and resources.

Locally acupuncture releases neuropeptides and fibroblasts that spur the formation of new blood vessels and promote repair of connective tissue while certain needling techniques at trigger points allow the muscles to release problematic holding patterns. These therapeutic actions are part of the explanation of why acupuncture works so well to heal injuries and reduce pain.

Acupuncture at distal points around the body (not directly related to a painful location) affects the whole body simultaneously because of the influence it has on the brain and the brain's release of different peptides. ENDORPHINS

Functional MRI’s (fMRI) have observed brain function during acupuncture and have confirmed that acupuncture produces PROFOUND AND COMPLEX changes in the brain and especially influences the limbic system (our emotional center). The affect that acupuncture has on this important part of our brain is thought to be a reason why acupuncture patience experience a sense of well being after treatment as well as better sleep and a better stress tolerance, etc. Different acupuncture points and different methods of needle stimulation influence the brain and the tissue in different ways, releasing different neuro and bio chemicals, and ultimately allowing the body and mind an opportunity to recover equilibrium. Performed in consecutive sessions this can influence emotional states in a more sustainable way which is why we can see improvements to people’s endocrine health and emotional states as well.

Acupuncture needles on back

Over the last 2500-5000 years Chinese physicians have observed and documented how different points on the human body influence how the body and the mind resend to different types of stimulation. Science is beginning to catch up and is starting to be able to explain how it works in modern scientific terminology. 

Pain and Vitality

As many people are, I was skeptical that acupuncture would be effective in treating my chronic neck and shoulder pain. I didn't want to go the surgery route, I had been there and done that ten years ago.
After suffering for months I contacted Michael Meuth as a result of a business card that had been passed to me. I am so glad that I did. The treatment that he provided to me encompassed multiple techniques that restored me to full health. I resumed my normal activities and tackled a challenging year in terms of various life changes, including building a new home. I can tell you this, if you are contemplating this type of healthcare, Michael will look at you as a whole person. He will not just treat your symptoms, but will, with you, investigate and aid in treating the causes. His help in teaching me proper ergonomics for my work was, alone, worth the visits. His gentle and through approach is reassuring and collaborative in terms of your health and recovery. His treatments are soothing and healing and his affiliate associates highly skilled in massage therapy. Thank you, Michael. You took away my pain and restored my vitality and got me through a very challenging year. I have recommended your treatment to many people during the last year and will continue to do so.

Sherry Haskin


When I first came to see Michael, I was not having regular cycles. In a few months I was pregnant with my first child and was over the moon excited. Now, two years later I have a healthy, happy, beautiful, and very active two-year-old little girl, that I lovingly refer to as my “acu- baby”. I am so delighted and grateful to Michael and acupuncture for helping me on my journey to become pregnant and have a healthy child. I continue to refer Michael to all of my family and friends.

Candace P. ... Real Estate Agent


After an ectopic pregnancy, several rounds of tests and inexplicable results, I contacted Michael in the spring of 2010 with lots of questions, desperate to have a baby. Michael helped me balance my life and my inner health using natural supplements, meditation and acupuncture. Several months went by and I still wasn't pregnant, but Michael explained to me that I shouldn't expect it to happen right away and that he was confident I would be pregnant some day. I expected my treatment to go on for at least a year, but just when I was about to give up, I found myselt pregnant. I was still doubtful that it would work out, considering everything I'd been through before, but I continued to take the supplements and practice meditation and saw Michael when I needed some help. Finally, on April 18, 2011, I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl. Weighing in at a healthy eight pounds, ten ounces, Sophia Grace is everything my husband and I prayed for, and worth all the dedication to the program Michael developed for me. I'm greatful to Michael for his confidence in me and for remaining positive through the entire experience.

Rebecca D.

Chronic Pain

I highly recommend this place. Michael can provide drug- free alternatives for health and chronic pain. He is very knowledgeable in holistic alternatives, a great listener and really cares about your health concerns. Lots of good works going on at this place and very affordable.

Brandi Duncan

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