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The body, our temple. Learn how to properly nourish and exercise it, enhance digestive and metabolic capacity. Creating a balance of neurotransmitters, hormones, and detox processes will support our cells to meet any demand that we have of them. Experience the ancient art of Chinese medicine and Qi Gong or learn to enhance the expression of your genes.

The brain and the mind, so powerful when you are in control of them, so destructive when they are left in control. Brain health is the gateway to optimal health. Our brain health programs combine select, proven brain hacks that can include neurotransmitter testing, individualized nutrient therapy, mindset training and advanced dynamic neurofeedback with NeurOptimal.

The exact needs of your brain, your body and your mind are unique to you. Genetic variables, environment, toxic burden, hormonal and neurotransmitter balance, micronutrient sufficiency, mind and brain traumas, and inflammation are some of the most powerful things to know about yourself in order to positively influence your health.



1 Session for $59

Book by May 31st!
(New clients only)

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Headway Health is a natural health practice focused on providing practical tools for transformation. From the ancient world to the emerging high tech world, we use resources and services that meet our own high standards and have been proven effective again and again in our practice and all around the world.

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Gain Clarity and Actualize Your Mental, Emotional & Physical Health!

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Your Health & Your Mental Clarity is Valuable to the World.

But “Medicine” has been Medicalized.

Take Back the Power Over Your Own Health

by Creating Flexibility and Stamina in the Brain, the Body and the Nervous System.


Happy Headway Clients Share!

Life is Here to be Optimally Engaged with NOT Struggled Through!

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  • -A.A.

    I know Brainwave Optimization has helped me so much…I run eight miles in 63 minutes now. I swim easily 3000 meters without stopping and recently biked 80 miles with no pain.

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  • -Shanna G.

    I thought I would give the NeurOptimal training a try and now I consider the sessions an integral part of my self-care plan.

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  • -Donna H.

    After doing the brain training, I now sleep through the night (most of the time), I have no more panic attacks, the depression is mild and seldom, and I can usually concentrate very well! I think about one thing at a time, and get things done much more calmly.

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  • -Laurel E. (entrepreneur, 68 yeras old)

    I’ve been receiving brain training sessions from Michael Meuth. My personal experience is that I’ve never felt this good, ever. The low-level depression and anxiety I often felt is simply gone.

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  • –Emilie S.

    I’m going at a slower, healthier, less stressful pace. I’m more present and able to make better decisions as well as take time to smell the flowers. Thanks, Michael!”

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  • -Michael J. (student, 19 years old)

    I recently got off my anti-depressant medication when I started brain training. The biggest and most immediate change I saw with the brain wave optimization program was after three days of the training my withdrawal symptoms disappeared!


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