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[cq_vc_accordion accordionstyle=”style1″ contentcolor=”#333333″ accordiontitle=”Dynamic Neurofeedback,Dynamic Neurofeedback And Acupuncture,In-House Tonic Herb (Dose),Health Strategy Coaching” titlehovercolor=”#ffffff” titlehoverbg=”#00aced” extraborder=”no” displayfirst=””][accordionitem] Dynamic Neurofeedback is New Paradigm medicine. It is a gentle yet powerful form of neurofeedback that brings your brain back to the present moment thousands of times every half-hour session. This simple and effective tool teaches your brain how to reduce energy waste in a non-traditional way. It doesn’t use protocols and normative data to “push” the brain, rather it allows the brain to see itself in real time and gives the brain the opportunity to self-correct. This self-directed process of brain training brings many benefits, all of which are fundamentally based on creating more resilience and flexibility at the hub of your nervous system, the brain. [/accordionitem] [accordionitem] Dynamic Neurofeedback along with Acupuncture is a GREAT experience. Our clients express to us that these sessions are deeply relaxing. This combination of modalities really helps you let go, zone out, and dive deeper into your meditation (or relaxation) while brain training. Scientifically, acupuncture activates the healing qualities of the Parasympathetic nervous system, something that many people don’t activate very much (being predominantly stuck in the sympathetic system). [/accordionitem] [accordionitem] Each week we have a few different herbal tonic extracts that we offer our clients doses of (and many times with adaptogenic herbal tea!). These are chosen for you based on your constitution and your goals. These herbal extracts are concentrated tonics and help to strengthen the functions of your organs. Some favorites are our Mood Tonic, our Energy Tonic, and of course :) our Brain Tonic. [/accordionitem] [accordionitem] Our Health Strategy sessions are 10-20 minutes of “quick coaching” to help you:
  • Identify what your main health concerns and goals are.
  • Learn some quick and valuable expert tips on improving your health and shifting your mindset.
  • Learn some simple strategies that will help you take your nutrition and vitality to the next level.

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