Our New Logo!

I am excited to announce the unveiling of our new logo!

I have great love for our old logo, it served us well, but everything changes and it is time for a new logo that represents the evolved and expanded direction of this humble acupuncture practice I founded in 2007. This new direction cherishes the ancient medicine practices of Chinese medicine but also integrates the information we are learning from recent studies on 
acupuncture as well as a new direction that incorporates some of the most important insights from quantum science and what we know about the human body field (the insights it can give us, and how to work with that information)! The process of learning, understanding, and incorporating these into my practice has been an incredible process of growth for me and it has changed me on many levels. In refreshing the logo it is a way of anchoring these changes in myself and into my practice, and bringing those possibilities of change to you and your world!

I'm calling it this new and expanded vision... 

Headway 2.0

If you're into symbology like I am you may already have a good sense of what the logo represents. But for those that are curious, here's a little information on ​some of the meanings and intentions behind it.

On the left side of the logo is a leaf, which represents... HERBS of course!!!

You probably guessed that one. BUT, it also represents the importance of nature and natural medicine in our lives. I define "natural medicine" a bit loosely because I believe that medicine is what heals us, which certainly includes herbs but it also includes nature (ever heard of forest bathing?) Herbs have been a cornerstone in my health for over 20 years and in my children's health from day one. I see herbal medicine as one of the top tier strategy that has kept us in robust health over all these years. To me, herbal medicine has deep meanings. It not only represents a natural form of medicine but it also represents personal power and health freedom, two things I highly value. We have been given all the tools that we need, and this is my little way of acknowledging the powerful plant medicine that hides all around us in plain site. 

Herbal medicine connects us to our roots and since the journey of life is full of bumps, bruises, cuts, and scrapes (so to speak), it is the medicine that nurtures us, the medicine that strengthens us, and the medicine that helps us maintain our drive and resilience. Everyone needs medicine, so to me it is also a symbol of what brings us together in healing ourselves and each other!

​​​On the right side of the logo shows the Flower of Life, a universal symbol originating from sacred geometry that, among other things, depicts the creation of all existence. You can also find this exact pattern in the cellular divisions of a developing embryo. Believe it or not, the Flower of Life seems to act as a blueprint for life!

I've been fascinated by this symbol for some time and I'm certainly not alone. Leonardo da Vinci studied it and its mathematical properties extensively. He found the five platonic solids as well as the Golden Ratio of Pi within it! 

The Flower of Life has been found in all parts of the world, spanning many different religions and a wide variety of ancient cultures and civilizations. In fact, one of the oldest places it is found is in the Osirian Temple in Abydos, Egypt where it was somehow mysteriously embedded into the stone...some experts say that is seems as if it was made by a laser.

Being from and living in the Heart of Texas I can't help but see the Flower of Life in the patches of our iconic bluebonnet flowers. If you look for it in the patterns of the leaves you can't miss it!

Above all this symbol reminds me of the interconnectedness of everything with everything else and as we know, real medicine puts us back together and makes us whole again. We cannot separate mind from body from spirit and that interconnected holistic point of view is beautifully expressed in this symbol, the viewpoint that all life and consciousness arise from the same source (this being the first circle). I see it as a representation of the Divine guidance and intelligence within all of us!

I chose the color green not only because most herbs have green leaves but green is the color that we find right in the middle of the color spectrum... notice it in the next rainbow you see! Since green is in the middle it represents balance -  and a key factor in health is homeostasis. Green also represents growth and renewal

Orange is the other main color and represents optimism and clarity, both of which are essential ingredients in attaining greater levels of health. These qualities of truly believing that things can continuously get better and becoming very clear about what we want to create will lead to a more fulfilling life and to a meaningful legacy. These are qualities that I have found to be absolutely necessary for real vitality because if you don't know what you want and you don't think you can get it, you will undoubtedly prove yourself right.

All together, the qualities represented by green and orange are essential in making "headway" in life. And as you move forward, one step at a time, you make waves, and positively impact your environment and the people around you. 

Additionally, the entire logo resembles the yin-yang symbol of Taoism... that iconic symbol that so elegantly depicts the duality of consciousness that we find ourselves in, surrounded by the oneness of it all.

So there you go! I am super proud of it and appreciate that you took the time to know what the symbol says about us and the work that Headway offers.