NeuroFitness Results

For many people the changes are fairly subtle but very significant. Utilizing this type of wellness technology, the brain is allowed to shift itself over time. This gradual shifting of the brain to a more efficient and therefore optimal state of being results in powerful and sustainable changes. We believe in the wisdom of the body, the brain and the Central Nervous System. Giving the brain real-time, relevant feedback about what it is doing and how it is functioning is all that it needs to produce better results. When given accurate information, we are self-optimizing beings!

Most of our clients notice something within one or two sessions. Commonly people will report that they are feeling mentally clearer, more focused, and have a deeper since of calm. As training continues, these benefits are accompanied by other benefits such as greater self-confidence and inner acceptance, the ability to “let things go” more easily, reduced stress (even in times of more chaos), a loss or lessening of anxiety and depression, and better sleep. Sometimes our clients tell us is that they feel like their old self again or they are now able to move on from some traumatic event that took place in their life.

Each person’s experience is unique and unfolds naturally. This type of brain training is something that fits seamlessly into normal every day life, both in the minimal amount of time that it takes out of the work week and in the positive impact that it has on the psyche. NeurOptimal can be subtle and powerful at the same time, meaning that subtle shifts occur regularly during the training process and add up to make very real and profound differences in people’s lives.

Keep in mind that we are not treating anything. NeurOptimal® does not treat symptoms with the goal of making them lessen or disappear, although this regularly happens. Rather, since the entire brain is involved in this holistic training process, change appears exactly where the brain needs it most, as it best sees fit. For example, if your brain is wasting 15% more energy with a Task A than it should be while Task B drains 10%, the brain will start working on Task A before it starts working on Task B -the area of smaller energy loss. However, because this is a holistic process, it is possible that these two areas are connected in some way and therefor may improve simultaneously, resulting in the lessening of symptoms related to both functions.