Join the new paradigm of medicine!
Today, medicine is not contained by the same restraints it used to be. Today, we can see medicine as SO much more!

Medicine is something that deals with preventing, curing, and treating diseases. Now what is a disease? A disease is an ailment that you do not want. Disease can be mental affliction or pain, a bodily process that is uncomfortable and degrades health and leads to premature death. We tend to think of medicine as pharmaceutical drugs but remember that medication in the form of pharmaceuticals only came into existence in the late 1800’s.

Medicine is getting more and more specific and at the same time it is becoming more and more decentralized. This decentralization is great news as it means that WE have the power to affect change in OUR own lives.

We are moving out of the old paradigm in so many ways and medicine is no different. While the old paradigm relies on coveted information held by the few, the new paradigm is all about you and I taking back the authority (and the information) over our own health.

New Medicine is a mirror into the subconscious, into to the microscopic blueprint that is your living DNA, it is about your unique and relevant self, and what YOU SPECIFICALLY need. When we can see that, we can do something about it.

This is the future. If you look in the mirror and you see that you have milk on your lip, you’re not going to pose for a camera and smile… (well, not unless you’re getting paid lots of money to do so right :) In the real world, you’re going to wipe it off and this is exactly how New Medicine works. When you look into the DNA and see that you naturally don’t detoxify very well, you can make sure to do something about that by adding in specific foods, herbs, or supplements that enhance those detox pathways. If your brain, with the aid of New Paradigm Neurofeedback (i.e. NeurOptimal) is made aware of how erratic and inefficient the nervous system is behaving , it can change that.

Not until today have these types of New Medicine tools been made available on such a wide scale.

If you know exactly what your hormones are doing and how they are doing it, if you know exactly what your neurotransmitters are doing and exactly how to affect them, you are now informed – in control – and in the position to start making permanent, lasting change.

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