Headway Clients Speak About Their Experiences!

Thank you Jennifer, Camille, Dolores, and Debbie for sharing your wonderful and inspiring stories with the world. It’s been such a pleasure and an honor working with you all! – Michael Meuth L.Ac. ACN

ADHD and Focus Issues

Neurofeedback is a Level 1 evidence based modality for ADHD as approved by the American Society of Pediatrics. Level 1 is the highest level of approval and neurofeedback has held this status since 2012. Kids brains are so very resilient and NeurOptimal is a really easy way to help kids be at there best. Because the sessions are only 35 minutes long, kids usually have no problem at all sitting in the chair for the whole session. We have books, games and toys to entertain them.

Concussion and TBI Recovery

When the brain is jostled around in a concussion or traumatic brain injury, one of the most helpful things you can do for yourself is find out how to heal the physical brain. NeurOptimal is gentle but the affects can be powerful.

Pain, and the Effects of Radiation & Chemo

It is well known that those going through life threatening diseases fare far better if they can maintain a healthy outlook and a genuinely positive attitude. If your brain is flexible and resilient, your healing and recovery process can be a lot better.

Depression & Antidepressants

Michael J.

I just got off my anti-depressant medication when I started the brain training. I had pretty bad withdrawal effects (brain zaps) that would make me very irritable, sometimes agitated. The biggest and most immediate change I saw with the brain wave optimization program was after three days of the training my withdrawal symptoms disappeared! This is what really convinced me that the program legitimately works and is not some gimmick. My depression is still present, but I would say that I have been avoiding my responsibilities and uncomfortable situations less. I have become calmer in stressful situations with overall less intense/extreme emotions.

Workaholic Tendencies

Emily S.

The Brain Training was very relaxing. It has helped me most by reducing my workaholic tendencies. Instead of overextending myself to do things that really are not important, I am able to focus on what is in front of me and what really needs to be handled. I’m going at a slower, healthier, less stressful pace. I’m more present and able to make better decisions as well as take time to smell the flowers. Thanks, Michael!”

The Best Hack Yet

Dave Asprey Biohacker & Host of Bulletproof Radio

Dave Asprey is one of the leaders in the field of "biohacking", a study and discipline that seeks to optimize one's performance by upgrading the physical and mental environment. Dave's company hosts the Bulletproof Conference featuring the top technologies available for reaching potential. NeurOptimal is the only system that takes the honor of being featured at the conference each year.

Mental Health and Memory

C.S. Licensed Professional Counselor Lakeway, Texas

I have received 10 brain training sessions and without a doubt, can say that it's made a positive difference in my daily life. I sleep more restfully, short-term memory has improved... It's easier to remember names and where I put my keys, for example. When I read, I remember more of the story, so my concentraion has improved as well.

This is a fantastic tool for increasing my mental health. I highly recommend it and plan to continue receiving training. Michael is a pleasure to work with. Thank you, Michael. :)

Made a HUGE difference in 4 sessions

Nic R. Software Engineer (Austin, Texas)

Headway Health and Michael Meuth are great. We are really impressed with the benefits of the neurofeedback. Our son was having some issues with over-anxiety, and some compulsive behaviours, e.g., washing hands many times per day. Made a HUGE difference in 4 sessions. Now it's not a noticeable problem! After seeing it firsthand, I'm convinced this form of mind-training is extremely valuable, and Michael is an experienced and caring practitioner.

Weight Loss & Food Cravings

Margaret L.

After six weeks on a nutrition program I realized that I was not having food cravings, I had lost 14 pounds, and my bowel movements had returned to normal. Additionally, my energy is up and even my mobility is better.

Flu / Pleurisy


Just writing to let you know all my flu/pleurisy symptoms are already, just 48 hours later, pretty much gone! Pain, 99% gone; shortness of breath, 99% gone. Although it may have been acupuncture induced endorphins, I was already feeling remarkably better just from the time it took me to walk out your office door until the time I reached my car in the parking lot! I would highly recommend your services to anyone.

Sciatic Pain

Dr. Tina B

When I first came to see Michael, I had severe sciatica with tingling and numbness down to my foot making it difficult to walk and sit worsened by low back pain. I was miserable. After seeing Michael for a few weeks of acupuncture and food supplements, the pain virtually subsided. I was thrilled! I was able to get back to my active lifestyle. My thanks and gratitude to you Michael for guidance to my healing.