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May 24, 2017

The 3-Part Formula to Reach Your Goals

Goals are imperative for most happy people. But if you're not reaching your goals it is important to make sure their not all extrinsic goals, the ones that only satisfy your ego. Some examples of extrinsic goals are being liked/being popular, attractiveness, and financial success. These are okay, just don't stop there.

Extrinsic goals typically just aren’t strong enough to motivate a person through to the very end. This isn't the category of goals that to orient our lives around. People that only set extrinsic goals are less happy and less fulfilled than those who set intrinsic goals. Extrinsic goals are best when they are a bi-product or coherent partner of our deeper and more meaningful intrinsic goals.

One contributing factor to being genuinely happy is to create intrinsic goals. This type of goal relates to self awareness, self development and personal growth. Some examples include deepening our relationship with our lover and our family, donating to a cause, reading more, or shaking a destructive habit. These are strong intrinsic goals, goals that focus on personal and spiritual growth.

We always have the power to change the thoughts that saturate our minds and penetrate us.

To seed a new thought and to germinate it is 100% within all of our abilities. A new thought is divine. A new thought to upgrade Self in some way can clear the emotional and mental clutter that might be surrounding and stifling us. It allows a new path to unfold. The seed of a new thought, when attended to, will bloom. BUT, a thought is only one of three ingredients necessary. A thought that is well attended to can erase internal conflict and obstacles that may have previously stood in the way. To nourish it so that it takes root we also need emotion and will.

Your emotions (energy-in-motion) have to be congruent with your thoughts. If you think that you want something but fear failing or even fear attaining it, there is discord, disharmony and success will be very unlikely. If you feel excitement for the challenge of actualizing your thoughts and dreams, you should start to notice yourself figuring out your "next action steps".

Now you must summon your will. Will is Action, so take a physical step in the physical world in order to initiate. Even taking a series of tiny actions will create positive momentum and lead to something tangible. When this action is combined with the energy of emotion and the clarity of mind, you become destined to create a real life result. Now you just need to keep up the motivation. We will talk about sustaining your motivation in the next blog post, meanwhile, download our "Next Action Worksheet" below!

January 26, 2015

How is Your Sleep? Solid Eight On Sale (plus others)

SleepyGood quality sleep is obviously so important for the restoration of body and mind. 80% of human growth hormone is released while you sleep, but not until stage 4, the deepest stage of sleep. This stage is sometimes referred to as “human hibernation” and is the period of sleep that complete relaxation occurs. During stage 4 your blood pressure, respiration rate, and heart rate all lower allowing the body to focus on growing and repairing itself.

If you are having problems getting to stage 4 sleep or you aren’t staying there long enough, your body and mind are in a repair deficit, which is cumulative problem. We all know that we need sleep and insomnia is currently considered a public health epidemic.

Sour Jujube Decoction (known in Chinese Medicine as Suan Zao Ren Tang) is the most widely used Chinese herbal sleep formula that is still used regularly to this day. The original formula was created about 1800 years ago by one of the most eminent Chinese physicians of the late Han Dynasty, Zhang Zhongjing.

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Among other things, this formula focuses on nourishing the heart and liver blood, eliminating irritability, and calming the spirit. Herbalogic has added an herb to this original formula that makes it even more potent and able to meet the demands of “modern insomnia”, and that is the herb Patrinia. This herb wasn’t really used for its sedative properties until modern times, but clinical trials have shown it to be twice as potent as valerian for these purposes.

By combining patrinia with five other safe and effective herbs, Solid Eight helps you sleep faster and sleep deeper, but without leaving you groggy or drowsy the next day. That’s because Solid Eight contains non-narcotic, non-habit-forming plant compounds that work by targeting the full range of things that can keep you awake.

Solid Eight gently supports natural sleep, not medicated sleep. This formula blends several herbs to:

» promote deep relaxation
» quiet racing thoughts
» ease irritability and tension
» calm restless fidgeting
» lower body temperature to cool night sweats, and
» reduce dreams that disturb sleep
Right now you can receive 15% off + FREE shipping if you purchase 2 or more Herbalogic products. This offer is good for the entire month of October. If you don’t think you need two bottles of this sleep formula, feel free to add any of the other products – they have some good ones!

At my office, Solid Eight & Easy Breather are the most popular. I like these products because the herbal formulas are balanced and based off of traditional Chinese medicine formulas. They are easy to take, good tasting and effective. Yes, I did say “good tasting”! The company uses glycerine to extract some of the phytochemicals in the herbs, which makes it less alcoholic and sweeter. Many of my clients have raved about this product, saying that it works better than any other natural sleep aid they have tried.

Solid Eight is for anyone over the age of 16, but not for nursing or pregnant women. Call for a free consult if your looking for sleep solutions for those that don’t fit this criteria. This product should not be combined with excessive alcohol consumption or sleep medications and is not intended to treat poor sleep due to sleep apnea.

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