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June 21, 2018

How to Establish a Daily Rhythm

Daily rhythms (or rituals if you prefer) are very powerful ways of creating structure in your life. Remember that freedom thrives within structure.

Rhythms, or frequencies, are part of everything that exists (ex. heart beat, breath, day/ night, seasons, fertility, etc). You can create your own frequent (frequency) habit in order to manipulate and influence your physical reality.

A good set of daily practices, especially when started first thing in the morning, give you a powerful launching pad that helps to set the projection for the rest of your day. Mornings are powerful and you’ll be surprised how a simple habit can affect you!

The mornings and evenings for most people are the times of the day that we have the most control over, and therefor are the times that we should focus on.

The truth is, if we don’t intentionally set habits that bring peace, clarity, and vitality to our day then we naturally adapt habits to fill these times that do not serve us very well... in other words you either choose your habits or your habits choose you. An example of a habit that a lot of people have that does not serve them is waking up and checking email (which starts your day in a reaction mode - reacting to other people’s agendas for you), reading/listening to the news (and emotionally reacting to things that are outside of your circle of influence), and eating a quick breakfast before running out the door. If you’re into the above mentioned values of peace, clarity and vitality - these do not help you accomplish those goals.

Choosing the habits that lift you up out of bed and set you on the right track are hands down the best way to pick yourself up out of a rut or fine tune your perfect day.

Below are a some examples of “mini-habits” that you can start plugging into your daily rhythm. Your challenge is to start with three of these habits (or make up your own) and stick to them every day. Your brain will be rewarded with little hits of dopamine and serotonin, which will positively influence your mood, leading to a better outlook and better choices while improving your overall quality of life.

Note that you don’t necessarily have to do the same things every day, although you can. If you prefer, you can be flexible with yourself and leave some freedom to choose what exactly you do, as long as its a healthy habit. For example, on Monday and Tuesday you can read a few pages of a self improvement or poetry book and then on Wednesday and Thursday you swap that out for a guided meditation and listening to inspirational music or a motivational video on YouTube. The point is to CHARGE YOURSELF UP, so remember this key purpose when deciding what to do! See the lists below for some ideas, and stick to it in order to make your rhythm and create your frequency.

  • Hydrate by drinking a full glass of water (bonus points for adding a fresh squeezed wedge of lemon
  • Drink a cup of herbal tea
  • Step outside and take 5 deep breaths of air
  • Open up that non-fiction book you’ve been meaning to get to and read a few pages
  • Go for a walk, jog, swim, stretch, ride a bike, or do some type of yoga or other exercise
  • Listen to a motivational speaker or compilation on YouTube
  • Write a letter to someone you care about
  • Plant something or weed you garden
  • Color a mandala

  • Play music
  • Listen to a TED Talk on a subject that inspires you
  • Journal

  • Meditate (guided or non-guided)
  • Listen to inspiring music

  • Make a healthy smoothie or fresh low glycemic juice

These are just some ideas to get you started. Please feel free to add your own or print the image below for a quick start. 

May 24, 2017

The 3-Part Formula to Reach Your Goals

Goals are imperative for most happy people. But if you're not reaching your goals it is important to make sure their not all extrinsic goals, the ones that only satisfy your ego. Some examples of extrinsic goals are being liked/being popular, attractiveness, and financial success. These are okay, just don't stop there.

Extrinsic goals typically just aren’t strong enough to motivate a person through to the very end. This isn't the category of goals that to orient our lives around. People that only set extrinsic goals are less happy and less fulfilled than those who set intrinsic goals. Extrinsic goals are best when they are a bi-product or coherent partner of our deeper and more meaningful intrinsic goals.

One contributing factor to being genuinely happy is to create intrinsic goals. This type of goal relates to self awareness, self development and personal growth. Some examples include deepening our relationship with our lover and our family, donating to a cause, reading more, or shaking a destructive habit. These are strong intrinsic goals, goals that focus on personal and spiritual growth.

We always have the power to change the thoughts that saturate our minds and penetrate us.

To seed a new thought and to germinate it is 100% within all of our abilities. A new thought is divine. A new thought to upgrade Self in some way can clear the emotional and mental clutter that might be surrounding and stifling us. It allows a new path to unfold. The seed of a new thought, when attended to, will bloom. BUT, a thought is only one of three ingredients necessary. A thought that is well attended to can erase internal conflict and obstacles that may have previously stood in the way. To nourish it so that it takes root we also need emotion and will.

Your emotions (energy-in-motion) have to be congruent with your thoughts. If you think that you want something but fear failing or even fear attaining it, there is discord, disharmony and success will be very unlikely. If you feel excitement for the challenge of actualizing your thoughts and dreams, you should start to notice yourself figuring out your "next action steps".

Now you must summon your will. Will is Action, so take a physical step in the physical world in order to initiate. Even taking a series of tiny actions will create positive momentum and lead to something tangible. When this action is combined with the energy of emotion and the clarity of mind, you become destined to create a real life result. Now you just need to keep up the motivation. We will talk about sustaining your motivation in the next blog post, meanwhile, download our "Next Action Worksheet" below!

April 22, 2017

Let Go of Stress – 3 Steps to Help the Process

Too often we forget how simple and sweet life can be, how it is supposed to be. In the hustle of life we tend to loose track of what ACTUALLY matters…which is OBVIOUSLY a terrible thing!

Over the past several months I have been allowing the seriousness of life to link up with everyday stresses, resulting in a perpetual chain of things to do and time to spend in places other than those places that deeply nourish me.

But a few weeks ago I renewed an important commitment to myself, which is to tap back into the blissful state of mind that is waiting just on the other side of stress. It’s funny how easily we can forget to come back to this “home base”, this alive, peaceful, and conscious mindset/place.

Being busy is fine and can be very fun and rewarding on many different levels, but to allow it to cut into those personal practices that nourish you is not the way to live a long and joy-filled life. We create Heaven and Hell on earth through what we CHOOSE to focus on… and the world will push you into that place of torment if you allow it to. We have to vigilantly stand guard of where our minds go if we truly want to tap into our personal power and the deep well of love that fuels us.

The careless breeze, happy birds, and kid’s songs I heard this morning reminded me of one of the best things you can do for you body and your mind…. which is none other than rest. This morning’s moment was inspiring and it was the perfect reminder for me to continue (and to deepen) my commitment to nourishing myself.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in day to day activities and responsibilities, but we must remember that the MOST important thing is to spend sufficient time rejuvenating ourselves. Doing so enables us to show up more fully in the world, to face challenges with alert optimism, and to be present while giving our undivided attention to the job at hand.

Focusing is a lot easier when we aren’t daydreaming about escaping our duties! Remember, we can only give sufficiently if our cup is overflowing. I implore you to wake up each day with a plan of how and when you are going to etch out a little bit of time to take care of yourself. Will it be yoga? a bike ride? meditation? a walk in nature?

It is so easy to forget, but taking care of oneself really should be the MOST important thing. We cannot give sufficiently without nourishing ourselves first. If the fruit tree doesn’t receive enough water, it won’t fruit. For me, reminders are crucial. Here are a few helpful ways to keep yourself on track.

1. Pre-Commit. When you make a plan and budget your time appropriately you enable yourself to exercise, meditate, enjoy a nourishing tea, etc. WITHOUT guilt. Commit 100%…not 99%. That one (missing) percent gives you an easy out that may soon spiral out of control. When you commit 100% you won’t let this sacred time be compromised!

2. Take care of the most important things first. Because will power is fueled by glucose, you have more will power during the morning hours than you do in the evening, so take care of the hardest, most important, or most dreaded things first. Getting a win or two under your belt first thing in the morning is an important way to trigger serotonin release and to create healthy momentum for a productive day.

3. Prominently display encouragement and inspiration related to your goals. Just like new years resolutions or weight loss programs, we like to think we will change – but often we do not follow through till the end. These types of reminders are a great way of getting and keeping yourself going. Reminders can be simple post-it notes in specific places (moved around occasionally so you don’t start ignoring them), quotes, or emotion-provoking/visually appealing displays. For example, if you want to create a new habit of reading and drinking herbal tea, position your tea cup and book in a place (and in a way) that will invite you to follow through on that decompressing and energizing activity. Symbolic reminders need to be…well, symbolic! They need to mean something and instantly remind, encourage, and inspire you on a subconscious level.

Sometimes keeping stress at bay only takes 10 minutes a day. So what will you add into your life that will take away some of those burdens on your mind?

What we eat affects what we think

When analyzing brain foods, one of the most important things to look at besides toxicity (foreign to our bodies, i.e. artificial) is the glycemic index. If you don’t already know how important it is, start paying attention to the glycemic index (GI) of food and observe how you feel in relation to this one marker. Our brain thrives on a steady stream of glucose in the blood stream and when that steady stream isn’t so steady, the brain (as well as the rest of the body) suffers with irritability, depression and sluggishness to name a few.

Pastas, breads, and white potatoes are the worst offenders when it comes to upsetting the blood sugar and depleting nutrients.

Before we get to the good foods, check out some more of the “bad” ones. Artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, sugary foods and drinks, hydrogenated fats, nicotine, and alcohol are the worst “non-food” foods. The sad news about alcohol is that it doesn’t even need to be ingested…it kills brain cells if it is just smelled!

Did you know that both the Air Force’s magazine, “Flying Safety”, and the Navy’s magazine, “Navy Physiology”, published articles warning about the many dangers of aspartame? The methanol in aspartame is found to build up in the tissues causing a potential cumulative effect. It is also reported to increase the likelihood of birth defects. Pilots have linked the use of aspartame to seizures and vertigo and most flight agencies warn against its usage. It is also reported to disrupt the chemical makeup of the brain and lower the levels of serotonin – which could affect sleep, appetite, mood, and behavior. Aspartame (and other chemical sweeteners) disrupt amino acid metabolism, hormonal equilibrium and nerve functions, to name a few. Read more here.

So that’s the bad news, and although there is MUCH more to be said about those “non-foods”, that is a subject for a whole other post. Here are some foods that you can incorporate into your diet that will enhance your cognitive function and decrease brain fog. When you eat the right foods you are able to see things more clearly, become more confident and overall add quality to your life and the life of your valuable brain through balancing your hormones, and nourishing your brain’s functions.

The top brain foods include:

Salmon and other fatty fish
Cacao – this is the raw bean. Chocolate has sugar (read about sugar above)
Green tea, especially Matcha
Acai berry and blue berry
Avocados – great fatty acids
Brewer’s yeast (great source of RNA)
Broccoli, brussels sprouts, and all leafy greens
Eggs- great source of protein and readily used cholesterol (yes, the whole egg!)
Seeds and Nuts: flaxseed (freshly ground), walnuts, chia, pumpkin, etc.
Also, be sure to incorporate all of the colors that call to us from nature. Those colors, called bioflavonoids, are what gives wine and pomegranate so much value – they’re loaded with antioxidants that scavenge free radicals in the brain and in the body.

To break it down very simply: Get enough omega 3 fatty acids, plenty of protein (especially from non-meat sources), a variety of colors, and don’t forget plenty of PURE water (avoid unfiltered tap water). These are the ingredients that help people maintain a high quality of life and great mental clarity and cognitive function well into a ripe old age.

February 27, 2017

What You Focus On Grows

The whole idea that by simply focusing on something will actually bring more of it into your life may seem strange. However, if you play with the idea for a little while, you will quickly see what is meant by “What you focus on grows”. For an easy example, think about body builders. When they focus on building muscle, the muscles grow. Of course it takes more than just thinking about it and hoping that it will happen. When you focus on building muscle, it will probably lead you to research how to actually do it. You will probably be led to talk to people who have successfully built up their own bodies, you will likely research the topic on the internet and you may hire a personal trainer to direct you and speed up the process. Focusing doesn’t mean staring. Focusing doesn’t mean magically creating. Focusing means devoting significant amounts of time and energy to accomplish your goals.

Really, we are talking about manifesting what we want out of life (think: law of attraction), whether it be health, happiness, love, intelligence, money, fame, or combinations of different things. When we want something in life, we can acquire it. And as the old addage goes, don’t worry about the “how”, that will come.

When we focus on a health issue in the wrong way, it grows in the wrong way. What does that mean? Well, when you focus on your shoulder pain or your migraines using a language such as “why does this pain have to be so bad” or “why does it have to happen to me?” you actually play the role of a victim disallowing yourself the ability to gain control of the situation. Thinking of how bad the pain hurts and how much you hate it is not something that I recommend. Think about it this way, when you hate something that is part of you or your own body, you are hating a part of yourself. When you hate a part of yourself, you are trying to deny that piece of your Whole Being from love and attention. Stereotypically, men will “hate” a health issue or pain by ignoring it, and in general women will ignore it also but in a different way. Men ignore their symptoms by “being a man” about it and not complaining and not worrying about it. Women tend to ignore their symptoms by continuing to say “Yes” to people and situations they know they should say “NO” to, just not listening to their body when it says (or screams) “Slow Down”.

So, try this for your health complaint or pain…Think about the situation in a solution oriented way opposed to a problem oriented way. We are so used to looking at the problems of our world and we don’t have enough time or pay enough attention to creating solutions. The next time that you have a problem, first of all don’t deny it. Give it some credibility and let yourself believe if only for a moment that it is actually there for a reason and that it is actually NOT an accident. When you think about things in this way, you cross the bridge of being someone who is a victim into someone who is a Powerful Co-Creator of his/her reality! If you don’t think that this style of thought is for you or that it would really make a difference, try it out before dismissing it. I can tell you that living in a left brain dominated society has made us imbalanced and has led to us missing out on many experiences for ourselves. The right brain is the part of ourselves that is not linear and logical. Let it take up its role in our reality by starting to shift from problem oriented to solution oriented. I’m sure that you will be happy that you did. Leave your comments below to share how this approach has changed your circumstances.

December 24, 2016

End the Old & Begin the New!

Regardless of how every little piece of it turned out, it’s important to acknowledge what you accomplished this year.

It’s time for two things now.. to relax and to celebrate! Whatever your faith or spiritual angle, there is no denying that this time of year is special for many reasons. December 21st is the Winter Solstice… the shortest and darkest day of the year. Going forward into the new year we will begin again, be reborn to another year. And of course it’s customary and popular to be thinking about intentions and setting new years resolutions.

I think this is great because it is essentially goal setting, and goal setting is something that we should all be doing regularly!

Winter is of the water element in Chinese Medicine and Taoism. Winter is important to me because here in central Texas we don’t naturally get very many snow days (usually none) or even prolonged periods of cold days. Society in general really doesn’t respect the type of energy that the water element brings with it either. As Westerners, well most of the world now really, we take on more and more every year while demanding that our body and mind keep up. We don’t value recuperation but at least in most U.S. states we get some cold weather that forces us to slow down and take some time to read by the fire. THAT is why I love winter, slowing down is a big part of what winter means to me. The water element gives us the opportunity to be reflective and to be still. Physically, when we look into water it shows us reflection. This time of year is asking us to listen, to unwind, to become more present and more aware, and to let go of our fears (you know, those fears – based only on the stories we tell ourselves – those stories that trick us into worrying because we know something is “going to go wrong”… or not go the way we want).

Slowing down and reflecting also means letting go of missed opportunities and mis-takes. It is about accepting what was and what is, and to be genuinely grateful. In fact, if you don’t incorporate some sort of practice like this in your life on a regular basis (or at least yearly) you will likely find yourself in a prolonged dark place, steeped in regret and self criticism.

So, let the winter holiday’s be your time to enjoy just being. Allow yourself to indulge in some self-care and in some peace and quiet. While you’re there, reflect about your life.. what you like about it and what you don’t like; what you want to change and what you WILL change! What you really, really like about your life and want more of.

“The greatest of faults is to be conscious of none.”

Thomas Carlile

Make some tea, think and ponder, reflect and FEEL your how your thoughts affect you. Make some more tea, journal, do some yoga, take a bath, think and ponder more!

How do you want your life to be? Remember, IT IS YOUR LIFE and it is happening RIGHT NOW! You’re in the middle of it. It’s so important to engineer your life so that you can live it the way that makes you happiest. We should aim for a life that nourishes us on all levels and that allows us to express our gifts and our love the most.

If you were 99 years old and looked back on your life, what would you regret if you don’t change it now? What legacy do you want to leave? Are you pursuing your dreams or have you given up on them? What do you need to let go of this year?

If you like these questions, I have a bunch more for you. Get The Essential Questions Here. Journaling exercises are exceptionally valuable and there are all sorts of studies out there on the topic.

Be intentional and set aside at least a half-hour to answer these questions for yourself. Get into the zone and enter into that blissful state of “stream of consciousness writing” or the similar state of “brain dumping”. You’ll feel great afterwards because you’ve put pen to paper (or words on a screen) and now it actually exists. You’ve become more aware of where you are and where you are going. You’ve stated what is important to you and what you need to let go of.

Spring isn’t for a couple of more months at least so if you don’t finish all the questions over this holiday break come back to it soon. I promise that you will be happy you did.

Please leave me a comment below on how you renew and restore yourself. I’d love to hear!

I appreciate all of you, my wonderful clients and subscribers. I wish you peace and a filled up, centered and expanded heart this season.

January 26, 2015

Stress Less this holiday with some unusual tips

Thinking, idea concept.The holidays are great, but sometimes the pressures that we put on ourselves is, well, ridiculous. Too many places to go, too many people to see, and just too much to do. It actually can be quite a fantastic time though if you keep the following in mind and allow it all to just flow.

Here are some simple tips to help your holiday flow that much better.

1. Prepare – Think about what demands and stresses are on the horizon and get things in place to help minimize their impact on you. How will you choose to respond to known upcoming stressors. See if you can expand and respond instead of contract and react.

2. See obstacles objectively – How well can you handle yourself when things go wrong? It usually depends on what all is going wrong, what all is going on, and how many time restraints you put on yourself. Give yourself enough time by preparing ahead (see tip # 1), that way when things come up you have already built time into your schedule. Practice seeing the silver lining in every snafu. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get upset, but it does mean that you have a choice about how long you let it ruin your day. Obstacles and stresses are an opportunity to grow and don’t exist just to make you miserable.

3. Minimize discomfort – Enter each family gathering with a specific idea about how you want to feel when you leave. Of course you can’t control everything but seeing things the way that you want them to be BEFORE you get there actually has an effect on how things really turn out. Everything is created twice, first in the mind (either consciously or subconsciously) and only second in the physical world. How do you intend to eat? To drink? How much? What types of conversations do you intend to have? With whom? (if food has caused you discomfort go here)

4. Get curious – If you are fortunate enough to be with grandma and grandpa or mom and dad, get curious. Use this valuable time together to ask them something about them or the family that you don’t know. If the elders aren’t present or you are the elder, then see if you can find out what makes the people you are around tick. Of course you want to be sure that your curiosity doesn’t sound like you are judging, but just the opposite – find out more about your family. Even if you’re a black sheep or don’t feel that you have much in common, you most certainly do. Make it a game and try and find out what!

5. Breathe! This may be the most important one of all. When the inevitable tension arises because a “forbidden” topic is discussed or the cake falls or God forbid a Lampoon’s Christmas commences, remember to breathe. Expand your lungs, don’t contract them. Everything will be fine, remember any obstacles that show up are neutral and we choose whether we see them as positive or negative.

The holiday’s are opportunities. Seize the day and make the absolute best of your valuable time. How can you serve? Who can you acknowledge? Can you connect deeply with a family member or friend that you rarely see?

I wish you the best end to 2014 and an awesome beginning to 2015. Thank you all for being part of my community!

The Journey Through Addictions

addictionBalancing your brainwaves enhances the way your brain communicates with your body, which quiets the messages demanding more nicotine, alcohol, etc. When the neural networks fire with more efficiency, the addiction process is thereby disrupted. Brain training with Brainwave Optimization can eliminate most cravings, but not the habit. You always have a choice whether to smoke, drink, etc. or not. Our modality allows you to see and feel the reality of your choice much more easily, and brings a sense of balance when the thought crosses your mind, and that balance gives you a much greater opportunity to choose not to indulge.

Here are some important tools to incorporate in any addiction program:


Do not forget that you are human and that you should forgive yourself. Most people live day to day mentally beating themselves up and saying things to themselves that they would never utter towards another person. Stop that insanity, forgive yourself and then proceed!

Support Person

The decision to quit can allow uncomfortable emotions to arise. These are part of you, so embrace them. Ask someone who is available to you in the next few weeks to act as your sounding board while also providing encouragement when you need it, and always be honest with your support person.


Afformations are solution-oriented questions that you ask yourself. Ask questions such as “Why is it that my thoughts are consumed less and less everyday by smoking/drinking/etc.?”, “Why do I feel more centered in body, mind and soul since quitting?”, or “Why am I thinking more clearly than ever before?”. Afformations focus on positives and are designed to stimulate the mind to look for answers, therefore solidifying the newly imprinted patterns and neural networks in the brain, which change subconscious thoughts and behaviors.

Setting Boundaries

Set up contracts with other smokers/drinkers/etc. to refrain from indulging around you and to support you in your goals. When you make positive changes in your life, it will often leave others on the defensive about their own decisions. Don’t let this weigh you down and encourage them not to be weighed down; guilt is toxic in itself. When possible, stay away from those that do indulge (at least at first) until you feel more confident with your new health status.

Drink Water

Research has shown that being dehydrated causes cravings. Sip water or herbal tea frequently throughout the day. Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces every day. Example: If you weigh 160 lb. you should drink at least 80 oz. of H2O daily.

Refrain from Drinking Coffee (I know, I know)

Research also shows that coffee causes cravings and dehydrates the body. Try Yerba Mate if you need that boost in the mornings.

Food Choices

Eat a lot of carrots, celery and other vegetables throughout the next few days, as these will help restore the bodies nutrients. Avoiding candy is wise; sugar upsets blood sugar levels, which can aggravate smoking-withdrawal symptoms. Sugar substitutes such as NutraSweet are sweeter than sugar, are often known carcinogens and cause further sweet cravings/addictions. Carbohydrates should also be minimalized as they too create blood sugar imbalances (that last longer than those caused by candy). Drinking fresh squeezed vegetable and berry juices is super cleansing and very hydrating.

Managing cravings

Cravings feel like they will last forever but actually fade in two minutes. Plan what you will do during a craving. Examples: Take your herbs; use your afformation exercises; breathe deeply; walk to another place; sing a song; dance; jog; call your support person.


There may be a lot of triggers for you to desire another smoke/drink/etc. Indulging can act very strongly as a shield to insulate uncomfortable feelings and situations. For example, a new nonsmoker can feel vulnerable and confused when trying to handle a stressful situation. Other modalities can help too, such as acupuncture, Qi Gong or Tai Chi movements to help smooth out irritability and other stressful emotions.

Integrity & Determinism

We CAN stop! And we CAN start manifesting our own creations by being Certain of our strengths and Centered in our approach, which leads us with Integrity to Peace of Mind.

Are You Sad?

There are so many people that suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Simply, SAD. There are many reasons that this occurs, but some of the main reasons this symptom raises its head this time of year is because of these foundational aspects:

profile of a man with close up of magnifying glass on SADNESS

1. The sun that we are so used to seeing here in Central Texas is hiding more than it ever does during the year. The sun sends us an abundance of full-spectrum energy that we need for life and health. Of course it also helps us to produce vitamin D within our bodies. Vitamin D is well known now to be an essential ingredient in so many processes of our body. In fact it is actually a “pro-hormone”, much more potent than just a vitamin. Beyond vitamin D, there are also many known and unknown aspects of the sun’s energy that keep us strong and healthy.

2. Our diets tend to go south during this time of year with all of the parties and festive events. This all tends to start at Halloween when we gorge on candy and it continues through Valentines day in mid-February. Since there are so many opportunities to indulge, many people will just decide not to worry too much about their diet during this period of time (which consists of about three and a half months)! I can list 147 reasons why you don’t want sugar to be a part of your diet, and many of those reasons have to do with the fact that it screws up your hormonal balance and creates tendencies that you don’t want.

3. Family. Need I say more? Ha, just kidding….kind of. I’ve seen some of my most healthy and well-rounded patients get completely stressed out during the holidays. It happens to the best of us, and in fact, Ram Dass said, “If you think you are so enlightened, go and spend a week with your parents.” Our family thinks they know who we are, but usually they know who we were much better.

                                                                “Usually people are completely unaware of the roles they play.

                                                                                         They are those roles.”~ Eckhart Tolle

So, there are a few reasons you may be feeling blue this time of year. Blue is just a state of mind. It too will pass. If you need to, spend a couple of days in a “pitty party” for yourself. But don’t let it take over your life…these types of party’s can become a slippery slope.


“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation

but your thoughts about the situation.”

~ Eckhart Tolle

Here are a few things that you can do to break out of the blues, or keep it away.

1. Observe the 80/20 rule by indulging only 80% of the time. For instance, two out of every eight meals, allow yourself a desert or a bite of a desert. When you master this, move onto the 90/10 rule (same principals).

2. Eat protein or something healthy before every “bad” piece of candy or desert. Filling your belly with quality will cut down on overall quantity. You can only put so much into your body any given day. So fill up with the good stuff first. Also, make a new recipe for dinner or make a new tea for sipping.

3. When the sun comes out, be sure to get in it! Even stand by the window if you can’t go outside. 15 minutes per day is often adequate.

4. Ground yourself! We live in an electrically charged world. There are so many positive ions floating around and bouncing off of you that it will create imbalances. Electricity is absolutely everywhere so take the time to walk barefoot on the earth. Seriously, this is not a meaningless or woowoo thing. When you are barefoot on the earth, you are grounded and these electric currents aren’t trapped in you. Again, 15 minutes a day will usually suffice for getting the effects.

5. When you do go home to family, make sure that you don’t add to a negative situation. Really, it’s not worth it. Let the ego relax and imagine a brilliant inner light that comes from within you and attracts only positive experiences. When something is said or done that normally gets you upset, know that this is the ego that is getting upset and that you can operate from your higher self, your brilliant angelic higher-self if you so choose. It is all about choice. You may be surprised how the situation will change.

“What does not move through you defines you” –Unkown Author

If the depression or SAD has grabbed a hold of you this winter and just won’t let go, look into some things that are proven to work for emotional issues such as Body-Mind Nutrition Oriental medicine, or Brianwave Optimization. Call us to see which one is right for you.

Enjoy the holiday season, and if you aren’t looking forward to it at all…remember it to will pass.

January 26, 2015

If You Know Your History…

…“Then you would know where you’re coming from. Then you wouldn’t have to ask me who the heck do I think I am.” Ah…the words of Bob Marley! In another song…”Remember that I and I are the roots, Some are wolf Inna sheep’s clothing.”

…Wise words indeed!

We have to know our roots in this world. We have to reconnect with them if we don’t know them…if we have lost them, if we are confused. We have to know who we are in order to grow into who we can and will become.

Searching your genealogy, the meaning of your name, your birth signs, etc. can help tremendously. But getting to the roots of your food is what I want to talk about here. There is so much value in knowing where your food comes from, and being connected to that major source of nourishment. When we are connected to our food we are automatically more healthy, vibrant, and limitless. There are so many different dimensions to every action that we do that most of us are completely unaware of. When we go into the grocery store and load up on cheerios, toaster strudels, sodas, bagels, etc. we are consuming a lot of calories at the same time that we are starving our body of what it really needs – Nutrition! And when we feed these things to our children, we are robbing them of their ability to access a greater potential in life.

When we let go of these convenience foods and actuahuman bodylly spend a little time on the preparation, consumption and digestion of our food we give ourselves a great gift. Greater than I think many of us realize. As we all know, we are creatures of habit. But most habits need to be broken. The term habit infers a subconscious action, but when we know what we are doing and the consequences it is called other things such as addiction and laziness. Of course a lot of the times we buy these “foods” because we are stuck in a poverty mentality too.

This is a huge condition in our country and our times. The poverty mentality invades most people’s minds, giving the assumption that organic food is too expensive. I also see a lot of this in my practice when I am told that alternative medicine is too expensive because insurance doesn’t usually cover it. My reply to this is simple. I believe and have seen proof of this many times, that when we spend time and money (two of the most valuable things really) on our food, our mental health and our physical well being, we don’t get sick, don’t stay sick or don’t need to seek drugs and surgery. As someone who has not had health insurance in eleven years, I can say proudly that I haven’t needed it. Yes, of course there is always the argument that insurance is important to pay for accidents, etc. but hey, that is what savings, Aflac and car insurance are for.

There is a huge movement going on right now. People are buying local, organic, and sustainable more than ever, well since the agricultural revolution anyway. This is so exciting. Maybe because food is becoming more expensive we will actually start eating more nutritious foods by necessity. And maybe when we start eating these foods we will see our bloated medical industry shrink to a more appropriate size due to lack of its importance in daily life. Maybe we will fall a few points closer to the healthier countries like Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Columbia, etc. Yes, you heard that right, our health as a nation is poorer than a total of 11 NON-industrialized countries. How does that make you feel? I’ll talk more about this in another post.

So grow a vegetable or two this year, and add one each season. Go to the farmers market, it is an amazing place to celebrate local culture and local food. There is such a feel-good aspect to a farmers market. There is a vibrancy there that even just going and being there brightens your spirits. We have to get back to our roots, meaning we have to get back to REAL FOOD if we want to make it!

50% of men get cancer and 33% of women. This is ridiculous and there are many things that we can do to PREVENT IT. So many organizations are working to cure cancer and so few in comparison are helping to prevent it. We’ve got to take back our health and our power. So get to the farmers market this weekend, call up your local CSA if you’ve been debating it, “splurge” on your produce at Central Market, or trade your basil for your neighbors tomatoes! Pick a peach off of a neighbors tree and give them some okra. It’s now fall in Austin and an amazing place to grow and forage food. So get to it!