Bioenergetic medicine

This webpage is under construction and more details are coming soon!

Bioenergetic medicine is a way of working with the body's own electromagnetic field. Everything generates a unique frequency and pattern of frequencies, including each organ, gland, meridian, etc. so we use a body scanning technology  to measure these frequencies and patterns. This technology allows us to see what is most out of tune and a priority for the body, the true root causes of symptoms.

After we gather this information and see what is most out of balance, we use remedies  simmilar to homeopathic medicine, but imprinted with frequencies instead of substances. You can think of this modality as a form of Frequency Medicine. 

We also use a PEMF based device (pulsed electromagnetic frequency) that sends very finely tuned frequencies to your body field that help correct the things most out of balance for you. PEMF devices are becoming more and more popular in Western and alternative medicine clinics because they are very effective at helping your body heal from broken bones, torn ligaments and poorly healing wounds. The device that we use helps with these issues but also helps other, more subtle issues in the body to heal by influencing its cellular frequency. You can look at a PEMF device as the complete opposite of a cell phone, where the PEMF influences your cells to a healthy frequency where as a cell phone actually disrupts and distorts your cell's frequency. 

We have been using this technology on our private clients now since January but we will be soon start offering it to new clients as well. We will also be updating this page to give you a better idea of what it is, how it works and what conditions it can help with but for now you can check out the video below to get an idea of how it works.