Bioenergetic medicine

Bioenergetic medicine is a way of working with the body's own electromagnetic and quantum fields. Everything generates a unique frequency and pattern of frequencies, including each organ, gland, meridian, emotion, etc. so we use a specialized body scanning technology to measure these frequencies and patterns. This technology allows us to see what is most out of tune and a priority for the body to address, the true root causes!

The Human Body creates many sets of frequencies!

Healthy people radiate a frequency of ~ 62-78 Hz. However, when if you are experiencing disease your energy state will be around 58 Hz. At 42 Hz you are receptive to cancer and death begins at 25 Hz. 

These measurements are of the whole human body field but we can break them down by systems too. For example, the heart creates 100 Hz while the spinal column is 10-12 Hz. 

We can glean a lot of information from the quality of these frequencies.

Think of your body and body-field as the radio transmission tower and the NES Health device as a radio receiver. A real wave is sent from the radio station (your body) to the radio receiver (NES health scanner). Riding on the radio waves are virtual packets of information like the music or the weather report.

You have to be able to tune into specific waves by turning the dial to the desired frequency. Then you can hear all the great sounds and information carried on that frequency!

Each channel is a different frequency and each frequency is delivering different information. The NES Health system is the receiver that picks up a range of about 150 signals that your body-field is continuously broadcasting, and it tunes in to all of them at once! 

The information that is gathered and the patterns that are analyzed by the system tell a comprehensive picture about how your mind and body are functioning and allows us to create a map of the territory that includes a host of sciences and health systems such as Chinese medicine, Homeopathy, Quantum Physics, Biochemistry, and German New Medicine. When this information is woven together we have a very powerful set of actionable information to work with that helps you to shift stubborn patterns or optimize health goals and consciousness. Because of the comprehensive and interrelated "picture" that the scan shows us it may shed light on issues and solutions that no other modality has been able to uncover for you, including chronic emotional states that have lead to the dis-ease. 

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What we do with the information.

We take the information from the scan and present it to you with a variety of ways to work with it. We can give you very specific practices, affirmations, exercises and infoceuticals to help correct the issues we see.

Infoceuticals which are specific remedies similar to homeopathic medicine but imprinted with frequencies instead of substances. These are similar to a supplement but instead of herbs or nutrients they are delivering information to your body. These drops are specific to what your scan recommends and help to shift you back into the correct resonance.

We also use a pulsed electromagnetic frequency device (PEMF) called the
MiHealth which helps to correct bodyfield distortions by sending gentle and specific, finely tuned frequencies to your body field. Once received, the body begins to resonate with the corrective patterns bringing the body back to homeostasis.

For example, if the scan shows that your thyroid is energetically out of tune we may use the MiHealth device to influence your thyroid back to a healthy resonance. Think of PEMF devices in the opposite way that you would think of a Wifi modem or a cell phone. We know that these devices create electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that are disruptive to cellular energy and function. The MiHealth device actually helps your cells to get back into the correct frequency that normal and healthy cells resonate at, helping to correct the underlying imbalances that show up in your scan.

The MiHealth PEMF device is also very effective at helping your body heal from broken bones, torn ligaments, or poorly healing wounds; and they are now becoming more popular in Western medicine and holistic medicine clinics as well as government agencies like NASA.

Using this device in our office can be a valuable part of restoring your health or as a health maintenance strategy in preventing disease.

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Barbara Marynowski

Type II Diabetes Improvement

Michael is amazing and has helped me so much! I 100% recommend his services. The NES Health Infoceuticals have changed my life (literally) and are absolutely the most amazing biotechnology/health remedy that I have come across (and believe me, I have tried it all). Michael is a health superhero. Go see him - you will thank yourself later!