Acupuncture & Wellness

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine

This time tested and holistic approach to healing is based on a few core concepts: balance, harmony, prevention, and moderation. Acupuncture has been used alongside food and herbal medicine healing modalities for many THOUSANDS of years and by BILLIONS of people.

Acupuncture helps to reduce inflammation, increase circulation and enhance the red and white blood cell saturation in the area that is needled. The insertion of these tiny needles into the body also globally enhances the function of the immune and nervous systems. These effects combine to bring the body into a more healing and resilient state.

Acupuncture’s effects on the brain are also quite interesting. It is shown to induce the release of endorphins in the pituitary gland and the central nervous system. Endorphins have powerful effects on the body and the mind which include inhibiting pain signals and producing feelings of euphoria. The word endorphin literally translates to “morphine-like substance." There are many other subtle changes that take place in the brain and body with acupuncture which combat stress, muscle tension, and nervous system function. Many people feel just as relaxed from an acupuncture session as they do from a massage.

Ailments, such as depression, pain, insomnia, infertility, and cancer, stem from or are related to systemic imbalances within the body. Acupuncture is a holistic modality and incorporates both the mental and physical dimensions of a person. The art of acupuncture, along with its clinical principles can be of great benefit for many ailments and general well-being, and your acupuncture points are specifically chosen to help restore your body’s own vitality

The Body-Mind Nutritional Program

This program will teach you how to achieve health and vitality through nutrition and through thought. It is based on years of clinical and academic experience and the foundations and principles that work. It is sculpted to fit your unique needs, interests and personal goals while empowering you with basic knowledge of why it works. It will take you through the process of evaluating your current nutritional status, setting your health goals, and venture into more in-depth longevity strategies. If you feel that great health or great weight should be easier to attain, this information will be very valuable to you.

Learn how to simplify the overly complicated realm of health and the health food scene while not only achieving great health but also a longer life! This program makes the basic principals of health understandable and applicable. You will be provided with a quick start plan and recipes you can implement immediately. Your unique program may incorporate any of the following:

  • Setting goals, tapping into (and trusting) your intuition.
  • Learning how to set the stage to health by affecting the 4 pillars of balance: stress, insulin sensitivity, detox ability, and pH
  • Activate your DNA, overcome disease and enhance overall health.
  • Understanding how you can truly nourish YOU
  • Why the average “domesticated human” of today is sick and how to put the medicine back into your food.
  • The “other” food group. How to easily add in the vast array of exotic nutrients in herbs.
  • Natural & proven ways to kill cancer cells and ways to prevent becoming another cancer victim.
  • Knowing the basics of juicing, cleansing and blending to optimize your body’s health and healing powers!
  • Understand the vast differences in water quality and how to enhance your cellular hydration.
  • A special lesson on getting to know the funnest superfood: Chocolate!
  • And More

You will be coached on how to introduce these concepts and technologies into your life with incredible ease. This program works because it is based on “upgrading” your choices and “adding-in”, not on strictly depriving yourself of the things you enjoy. There is a lot of information that we can cover and the program can be tailored to you. The program is designed to last 12 weeks with sessions available in person, via Skype or phone.

Upon completion of this basic program, recommendations and strategies will be offered to move forward on your own. There is a second level Body-Mind program available for further study as well.

Are you ready to take that next step in health sovereignty?

Sciatic Pain

When I first came to see Michael, I had severe sciatica with tingling and numbness down to my foot making it difficult to walk and sit worsened by low back pain. I was miserable. After seeing Michael for a few weeks of acupuncture and food supplements, the pain virtually subsided. I was thrilled! I was able to get back to my active lifestyle. My thanks and gratitude to you Michael for guidance to my healing.

Dr. Tina B

Flu / Pleurisy

Just writing to let you know all my flu/pleurisy symptoms are already, just 48 hours later, pretty much gone! Pain, 99% gone; shortness of breath, 99% gone. Although it may have been acupuncture induced endorphins, I was already feeling remarkably better just from the time it took me to walk out your office door until the time I reached my car in the parking lot! I would highly recommend your services to anyone.